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Tan Hill | England’s highest Inn


On what felt like one of the coldest days this year, (oh how I love British summertime), me and my family drove to Richmondshire to have a drink at Tan Hill Inn.

Being 1,732 feet above sea level on this particular day wasn’t doing my hair any favours. Fighting through the curls of hair covering my face, I managed to drink a pint of cider outside. Anyone who knows me will know I love trying new fruity ciders and this was the first time I’ve ever tried a rhubarb flavoured one. It went down pretty well. A very sweet flavour and not too fizzy. I’ll stop there before I start sounding like a cider connoisseur.

The pub sits isolated on the hill and I’ve been told in the winter, visitors often get snowed in and stuck there. Inside was small and dingy but it had a real countryside atmosphere. Most importantly, it was dog friendly and that’s all a dog-lover like me really cares out about! Our visit was short-lived because it was far too cold, but I’d definitely return on a sunny day (sometime soon I hope)! I was lucky to even get a visit because the following day the pub had to close (due to difficulties with water supply, I believe).

I should warn that that the winding, up-hill journey to get there isn’t great for fellow car-sickness sufferers. But the views when you arrive are pretty spectacular.


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  1. lyliarose 6th August 2017

    How cool to visit the highest pub! I’ve not heard of Swaledale, whereabouts is it? 🙂

  2. fayejessica 6th August 2017

    Long Causeway, Richmond DL11 6ED. It’s very much in the middle of nowhere haha!

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