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My favourite Live Lounge EVER | Blogmas Day 13

I’m in love.

Anyone who knows me knows just how obsessed I am with Ed Sheeran and why I haven’t shut up about him since 2011/2012 and why I’ve seen him live three times.

The same people are likely to know that Fairytale of New York is by far my favourite Christmas song.

But, what people may not know, is that I’ve loved Radio 1’s live lounges for years and subscribe to them on Youtube to watch all of the new ones while I rewatch the old ones.

Well, this afternoon after finishing some uni work, I just happened to click on Youtube and saw some new posts in my sub box. All I saw was Ed Sheeran and Fairytale of New York and I clicked on the video straight away. I realised it was a live lounge post and Anne Marie (who I saw live the third time I saw Ed) was involved and that just excited me even more.

I have to say, this is my all time favourite Live Lounge. Yes, probably because of Ed and the song choice. But, their voices together is incredible, it made me feel so festive and they even sing Jingle Bells at the end. It’s just beautiful.

As I write this, it is currently #1 on trending.

If you haven’t heard their live lounge or watched the video. Please watch it below.

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