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Past | Blogmas Day 19

Today’s post is a poem I wrote:

Past shouldn’t matter, so why do we let it?

It’s not easy to just move on and forget it.

You say its different, you’ve changed for the better,

That doesn’t explain the tears on your sweater.

Maybe it would be easy if I never knew,

But I want to know everything that you’ve been through.

Day by day I’ll keep learning more,

But trust me I’ll never want to walk out that door.

The future is bright as far as I can see,

I know this is it and I can be happy.

You can’t let the past affect the now,

I accept yours and you accept my vow.

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  1. Hannah Shaw 20th December 2017

    I love this!!!! Poetry is my thing so it’s nice to see other bloggers enjoying the writing style ♥️

  2. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 23rd December 2017

    This is well written. You should share more of your poetry!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  3. falidude 26th December 2017

    This poem is beautiful and its emotive. I really like your writing style.

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