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December Playlist

December feels like forever away already. Christmas flew by and were already nearly way into January, its crazy.

Of course for the majority of December, I spent my time listening to the Christmas playlist I created. So festive! But, a few songs did take my fancy in the past month and as always, I’m going to share them with you.

You may have seen my review of Eminem’s new album last month. I have chosen my two favourite songs from this album to include in the playlist. Of course, River was one of them. Ed is my absolute favourite artist and always will be. I just pray this song doesn’t get over-played. Heat is another one of my favourites because of the ridiculous lyrics and up-beat track. It just makes me laugh.

I’ve been loving Naked by James Arthur lately and I have been regretting not getting tickets to see him live again. I love his voice.

I can’t say I was a huge fan of Taylor Swift’s new album but Gorgeous is really catchy and I’ve been listening to it a lot recently.

Although I badly wanted Grace Davies to win X Factor last year, Rak-Su are amazing and their music makes me so happy. Dimelo has been my dance track lately. But, if Grace’s song Roots was on Spotify, trust me it’d be in this playlist.

Liam, who I can now call my boyfriend, first played Sippy Cup to me and I thought it was weird but it has grown on me and I’m now in love with it. However, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Melanie herself.

I’m not entirely sure how Gives You Hell made itself onto here. I must have heard it somewhere, possibly on the radio, but I spent a whole day at work singing it over and over in my head. It’s a pretty great song.

I’m severely unhappy that The Streets is on this playlist. Liam constantly plays them in the car and I have been hating them and forcing myself to hate them for months. But, I regret to say The Irony of It All has caught my attention and I kind of like the way the song is told. I’ll just leave that there and we’ll never speak of it again…

If they end up in next months playlist, can someone organize an intervention? Thanks.

Home is an obvious one for this playlist. I was at the place I call home for three weeks and I was gutted to have to leave my family.

Finally, Young Dumb & Broke is catchy and chill and a fabulous song to listen to in the car. I’m a big fan.

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  1. Katie Harding 13th January 2018

    As soon as I saw Naked by James Arthur on there, I knew I’d love this! Also weird question, but where abouts in the North East are you from hahah? I’m at university in Newcastle! X

  2. Styled by Eva 16th January 2018

    Ooh! Interesting choices! To be honest, I’ve only ever heard of ‘Gives You Hell’ (obviously, my 14 year old self JAMMED to that song) but I’m putting the others on my ‘to listen to’ list. May have to look at that James Arthur song especially as I love his voice.
    Hope you’re well, lovely
    Eva xx

    • fayejessica 16th January 2018 — Post author

      Haha, an absolute classic! Amazing. Please do let me know what you think, id love to hear your opinion.
      I’m not too bad thank you just constant revising! I hope you’re good xx

  3. Holly 16th January 2018

    Great playlist, I especially love the Taylor Swift choice, her new album is amazing!

    Holly x

  4. foundationsandfairytales 16th January 2018

    I really wanted Grace to win XFactor too although I do love Rak-Su and their music! That Ed Sheeran and Eminem song is also one of my current favourites it’s so good, you can’t beat a bit of Ed! Some great songs on here and some that I haven’t heard and will definitely be giving a listen to!

    Jess xx

  5. soulelemaria 16th January 2018

    I had never heard Naked or River before this post but now I have and I’m obsessed with both! Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 19th January 2018

    As always, you have some great choices here!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

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