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January Playlist

January has dragged SO much. I’ve never known a month feel this long and I’ve never had so many exams in such a close proximity. So, music has really got me through this month.

Here is this months playlist:

I’ve listened to Silence and Let You Down the most out of all of the songs. I honestly don’t know why I like them so much. I don’t really focus on the lyrics, so it’s not that. I think it might be the beat behind the songs.

The Best You Had is SO relatable. I love the lyrics but Nina’s voice is incredible and I just can’t keep up with her high notes. That doesn’t stop me trying though.

I Fall Apart is a really sad song but it makes me smile. When I and Liam have this song on in the car, he really goes for it. He’s so passionate that it makes me laugh. I wish I could film him singing it for you to see but I very much doubt he’d let me. Just to embarrass him further, he was singing the wrong lyrics for “down to my core” for weeks until I pointed it out to him.

Camila’s voice is amazing and I really am loving her at the moment. Never Be The Same is yet another banger from her. However, there are some exceptionally high notes in this song too. I pity anyone that’s heard me trying to sing it.

Right Love, Wrong Time was discovered when I had a Spotify playlist on repeat. Erin’s voice has a beautiful unusuality to it and the song is so emotional. It has a big place in my heart now.

Good Riddance is an absolute classic and I can’t be sure where I heard it playing but I had it in my head for days.

Handwritten was a suggestion from Liam and after a few times of listening to it, it grew on me. I like to listen to this song when I’m out on walks, I’m not sure why. I just do. I always love listening to new music so I really appreciate recommendations.

Finally, Save is another emotional song that I also found with Spotify on repeat. The lyrics are very relatable to me.

Let me know what you think of the songs in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. Madiha 2nd February 2018

    I actually really like a few of the songs on camillas new album! Never be the same has to be my fave out of the lot x

  2. Charlie Severn 2nd February 2018

    I looove the song silence so much, I also love a couple of the songs from camillas new album!.
    Charlie | http://www.charlieswonderland.co.uk

  3. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 11th February 2018

    You’ve got some fun choices this month, many of which I hadn’t head of before
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  4. charlotte 12th February 2018

    Love this playlist, I’m especially loving Camilla Cabello right now !


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