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Valentine’s Date Night

This Valentine’s Day, I had two dates.

After a busy morning at university, I had a quick turn around then headed off to Subway with my friend. They were doing a 2 for 1 deal on sandwiches and I’m a bit of a Subway addict.

After this, we went to Burger King to try an Oreo milkshake, which is a huge rarity for me – that’s betrayal as I work at Mcdonalds. Anyway, the milkshake was amazing. Despite the spoon being the size of small shovel, I’ve officially fallen in love with Oreo milkshakes.

I had about an hours rest then needed to get ready for date night. I was worried I wouldn’t see my boyfriend this Valentine’s Day. As he is in the forces, he has very little free time and never knows when he could get called in to do something. I was very lucky to get a few hours with him.

Firstly, we did present giving while listening to my Valentine’s playlist. He absolutely loved his presents and I’m so pleased! I got him a Rocawear skeleton watch, Topman Brown Leather Braces, a calendar with pictures of us in, a Star Wars car freshener, two candles, a pop socket, some socks and a beer glass and I made him a ‘date jar’ and a ‘boyfriend survival kit.’ I’m devastated that I didn’t get pictures of them but here is one of him wearing his new watch…

I was so lucky that he got me a lovely fluffy teddy bear, a cushion with dogs on, chocolate and a bottle of wine. He knows me too well!

We then had an absolutely gorgeous three-course, candle-lit dinner at an Italian restaurant. I was so full afterward. We got two heart-shaped chocolates and I got a rose when we asked for the bill. That was a lovely treat.

It was then time for a difficult decision – whether to see Black Panther or Fifty Shades. We decided to see the last showing of Fifty Shades that day. But, not before we stopped off at Burger King so that I could get another Oreo milkshake, oops!

I realised my eyes are far bigger than my belly as I ordered a large popcorn and an Ice Blast. We still had 3/4 of the popcorn left over when we arrived home late that night. I’m eating it now as we type.

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a more romantic date.

I dedicate this post to my amazing boyfriend Liam,

I love you.

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  1. Charlie Severn 16th February 2018

    Sounds like you had such a lovely day!!
    Charlie. | http://www.charlieswonderland.co.uk

  2. Madiha 17th February 2018

    Subway are the absolute best! Last year they did the same! Glad you had a great day babe x

  3. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 23rd February 2018

    Subway is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day with the girls
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  4. Planet Vikki 18th March 2018

    Aaww that sounds like that the perfect day!!


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