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Making a Change

I’ve decided to make a change.

I’ve been adding to this blog for months now and I’ve written a variety of different styles of posts. Some have been reviews and some have been very personal pieces. I want to keep this going.

Variety is important to me because I know that when I become a journalist, I want to write about a variety of topics.

Recently, I was contacted by Bloggers Connected, a platform who connects bloggers with brands. They offered me a new, paid venture where I could collaborate with brands, advertisers, and fellow bloggers to post content on this blog. Collaborating is super important to me because I really think it is vital to work together in the industry and support businesses.

The way this works is that companies will send me articles and if I like what they send me, I can edit it freely to suit my blog and you as readers. I will never post anything that I do not agree with or that I feel won’t interest you. It must be remembered that this is still my personal blog and should still always reflect myself and my beliefs.

I thought it was very important to make you aware of this before my content changes slightly. I will always make you aware when my post is a collaboration and I will still continue to post my own individual writing.

I hope you guys support my decision.

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  1. Hannah Shaw 15th February 2018

    I love this Faye!! It’s so important for you to do you 🙋🏽‍♀️

    • fayejessica 15th February 2018 — Post author

      Thank you Hannah! It means a lot to me that you support this xo

  2. Charlie Severn 16th February 2018

    It’s so fun working with brands!! It’s such a good decision to make x
    Charlie | http://www.charlieswonderland.co.uk

  3. Planet Vikki 18th March 2018

    It’s a great opportunity, so just do you!! I always love your posts whether they’re your own or collaborations!


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