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It’s Not Summer Yet, But It’s Time For A Girl’s Trip

It seems like Christmas was ages ago, and you’ll have just about survived what seemed like the longest January ever, but it’s still cold outside and you won’t want to be getting your legs out anytime soon. Spring is just around the corner, so things are looking up. However, it’s always lovely to have something exciting to look forward to at this time of year so that you can break up the months and head into summer smiling. A trip away with your friends could be the perfect way to get rid of those cold-weather blues. Unless you can all afford to jet off somewhere exotic (you’re lucky you if you can); it’s time to take a look at what the UK and it’s vibrant cities can offer you and the girls for a few days.

The planning process is half of the fun, so get everyone involved and start thinking about where you want to travel to, stay, and what you might like to do when you get there. Giving yourself a plan will ensure that you can make the most of your little getaway, and you’ll have plenty of perfect Instagram opportunities too. There’s no way you’ll be able to do and see everything in one of England’s exciting cities; however, you can give it a good go. If you fall in love with wherever you’ve travelled to, you’ll all be making it an annual trip together. The following are some information and inspiration for your next girl’s trip so that you’re all full of ideas when you get there. Get your notebook and pen at the ready…


Once you’ve booked your train tickets and found somewhere to stay; it’s time to explore. You can check out sites like www.vlondoncity.co.uk to get some inspiration for a trip to London; you’ll get an idea of where everything is, and then wander off to find the array of hidden gems. You’ll probably want to squeeze in some tourist hotspots on your city break, but you might have the most fun heading down side streets and finding where the locals grab a coffee and some cake. Cities are great for landmarks, so you can get your bearings when you leave your accommodation and the rest of the day is yours to do everything you want. Whether you feel like shopping, eating, or sight-seeing; put everything on your list so that everyone gets to do something they want during your stay. The bits in between your plans is where the real fun will happen, so embrace them and keep exploring.


Cities like London are popular all year round; therefore, if there’s somewhere you really want to eat or drink, or there’s a particular event or show you want to see, you’re likely to need to book in advance. There will be few popular restaurants that keep popping up on your Instagram, that will let you just walk in for a meal (mainly because they’ll be full), so make sure you’ve made all your reservations in advance. Get tickets to anything you want to go and watch; you’re more likely to get a better price, and you’ll have a focus during your stay. A girl’s city break is all about having fun and doing what you want together. But, when it comes to specific venues you want to enjoy, it’s worth being savvy so that you make the most of your girly getaway.

This was a collaborative post. Let me know in the comments below how you plan your trips away.


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  1. hebahpervaiz 20th February 2018

    I like to go on Pinterest to find ideas for what to do in the area! x

  2. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 23rd February 2018

    It doesn’t need to be summer, it’s always time for a girls trip!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  3. Planet Vikki 18th March 2018

    I love girls trips!! They are always so much fun!!


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