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June Playlist

Normally, at the start of every month, I’m saying how fast the month has gone but this definitely isn’t the case for June. Whether it’s because I’m really missing Liam or because I’ve been waiting for our 6 month anniversary (today) to come, I’m not sure. It has just dragged.

However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t done a lot of fun things which have helped build together my new 10 favourite songs. So here they are…

On May 31, I heard The 1975’s new track on Radio 1 and it was incredible. It’s so so catchy and is by far my favourite track of the month. I’ve practically had it on repeat throughout June and I am SO ready for their TWO albums to be released. Does anyone share my excitement?

Speaking of newly released music, following this amazing song, James Arthur brought out two new tracks and Ben Howard dropped his long-awaited album. Out of You Deserve Better and At My Weakest, the latter is my favourite. It feels more like old-school James Arthur who I’m still slightly in love with. It just has a lot more emotion. However, You Deserve Better has probably been in my head more because it’s definitely more melodious. As always, his lyrics are very relatable and for that reason, I’m never going to stop loving his music. Ben’s new music is slightly more debatable. I listened to the album right through and if I’m honest there were only two songs that I really liked. One of the two being The Defeat. I then got Liam to listen to a few songs and we both agreed it’s nowhere near as good as ‘Every Kingdom Ben.’ But like with Arctic Monkeys, everyone music style is bound to change over time as people have more experiences in life. I don’t hate his new album and I have enjoyed listening to The Defeat when I’m relaxing in the sun but it’s no Only Love, Keep Your Head Up or Gracious.

On the 10th, I went to see Ed Sheeran live. Shock! It may have been my fourth time seeing him in Newcastle but I just had to. It was touch and go as to whether I would be seeing him as I bought the tickets a long time ago but then found out it was the same day as my Dad’s wedding. So, I sold them. But, me and my sister still really wanted to go so we bought some tickets for his extra date, last minute. It was definitely worth it. Now I’ve seen him in a town hall, an academy, an arena and a stadium so I think I may have exhausted all options and had almost every Ed Sheeran experience. All I need now is for him to come and sing to me personally. Yeah… I’ll keep dreaming. Anyway, as per his Arena Tour, Anne Marie was one of the support acts and I fell in love with two more of her songs. Perfect is THE most relatable song I’ve ever heard. It’s also a feel-good song and again, a great one to play while chilling in the sun. Trigger should also be a summer anthem and if Liam wasn’t over 2000 miles away from me I’d be for sure belting this out in his car.

Speaking of Liam, although he’s that far away he hasn’t stopped having his musical influence on me. I received some amazing recommendations from him. I Keep Ticking On hit me hard. It’s so me and playing it has somehow got me through missing Liam terribly. I’m not sure why, but it has. Beneath The Surface was also a Liam choice. Like The Defeat, I’ve been loving just chilling out and listening to this song. It has an amazing beat. Both of these songs come from Artists I’d never heard of, so there’s a chance I may listen to more of their tracks in the next coming month.

Familiar is definitely my summer track. It has been on the radio SO many times this month and it’s in my head constantly. I still need to learn the Spanish bits which are taking some time but that doesn’t stop me singing it. While I’m still missing One Direction, Liam Payne is absolutely smashing it lately.

Punchline is a last minute addition. A couple of days ago, I stayed at a friends house and we like singing karaoke together and watching X Factor auditions. Well, I rediscovered Aidan Martin and his amazing song Punchline. It’s so emotional and such a powerful song. I love it so much and it rightfully deserves its place in my playlist.

What songs have you been loving this month?


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  1. Liam 1st July 2018

    Missing you too and there’s a lot more songs Im gonna send you proud of you as always princess xx

  2. Joyce Lau 1st July 2018

    I love Anne Marie x

    • fayejessica 6th July 2018 — Post author

      Give them a listen and see what you think x

  3. Lauren Carmen 2nd July 2018

    I’ve been listening to Ed Sheeran nonstop. Music is just amazing!

  4. Gemma Louise 3rd July 2018

    I’m loving all time lows new singles this month! The best!

  5. Laurzrah 💕 (@laurzrah) 4th July 2018

    Love that you make a monthly playlist! x

  6. Giana Spiteri 5th July 2018

    oooo this has reminded me to take a listen to James Arthur’s new album! I’ve been loving 5SOS’s new album this month x



  7. Mummy Cat 5th July 2018

    I have honestly never heard any of those haha! I am really into Sia at the moment

  8. palegirlrambling 5th July 2018

    Ohh I like the sound of that perfect song! I really don’t listen to enough music these days! My music time is always in the car on the way to work but it’s jormally just what’s on the radio!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    • fayejessica 6th July 2018 — Post author

      I get that. The radio definitely influences my music choices a lot. x

  9. Robyn 5th July 2018

    I can’t stop listening to Anne Marie at the moment !

  10. charlotteannelane103 6th July 2018

    I feel like Give Yourself A Try will be a grower for me – I love The 1975 but I’m not 100% convinced on this song just yet.. I’m loving James Arthur though and You Deserve Better is a fab song!xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk

    • fayejessica 6th July 2018 — Post author

      I think it’ll take some time to get used to that’s all. Totally agree x

  11. Planet Vikki 21st July 2018

    I completely agree with the Anne Marie songs, she was amazing live as I went and seen Ed Sheeran to!! Haven’t stopped listening to him lately!!

    Vikki | http://planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

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