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Love Island 2018: My Thoughts

You may have read my Love Island post when this years series began explaining just how excited I was. Well, I considered writing update posts as the episodes passed but I decided it would just be easier (and hopefully better to read) to write a summary post. So, here it is…

I’ve been watching Love Island since series 2 and absolutely loved the last two series. But, I can’t lie… This series just didn’t match my high hopes. Here’s why:

The winner was obvious from the first week


Well it was to me anyway. Jack and Dani just clicked straight away and appeared to be a perfect match. As time went by, they always stuck by each other and not only that, they supported everyone else too. They brought laughter and positivity at all times and were just clearly the strongest couple: a bit like Cara and Nathan. However beautiful watching their relationship grow was, it was obvious that they were always going to win. Actually… I’m writing this post before it has even been announced so if they haven’t won this is going to need some serious editing. Yes, I’m that confident. In the past two series, I haven’t just been rooting for one couple. Although Laura for sure deserves to be in the final because she’s had such a rough time in there, she wasn’t in a strong enough couple to win. As for Meg and Wes and Kaz and Josh, in my opinion, they screwed people over to be their couples and that may have made a better and stronger relationship but it doesn’t make them worthy enough winners in my eyes.

It was all a bit staged


I feel like the last series was so successful because of Chris and Kem’s amazing friendship and all the drama that just seemed to unfold. The producers seemed to be staging everything that happened this time round to get views. There’s been a few rumours on Twitter that scenes have been filmed more than once. While, I don’t know that this is true, I do know that it all seemed a bit fake and that people (except Jack and Dani who seemed the ‘most real’ to me) were overacting or at least – acting. The relationships may be real but some of the arguments seemed forced. I feel like all reality shows go this way after a while and it’s a huge shame.

It was too long

This was the longest series of Love Island yet. I thought this would be a great thing but honestly it just became a chore to watch for me. There was a period of time in the middle where nothing really happened, the tasks weren’t very good and it was just dragging. I know most of the people on Twitter felt the same: waiting for the parents, the babies and for Jack and Dani to be rightfully crowned the winners. I think if there is another series, they shouldn’t make it this long.


It wasn’t all bad though. I did still get super involved, voted every time and went on an emotional rollercoaster. Alexandra’s mum going in on Alex was probably a highlight along with all the memes from Alex falling over and the ‘loyal babe’ fiasco. I’m not going to lie, I may not have enjoyed it as much but I’ll definitely be watching possible future series’ and I’m praying for a Jack and Dani spin off.

Did you watch Love Island this year? If you did what are your thoughts?

Side note: I feel like Samira and Frankie were drastically edited out of the series and I really want to know why.


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  1. Liam 31st July 2018

    Great post baby xx ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Mummy Cat 31st July 2018

    never understood the hype of it but i have heard people moan that it was boring.

    • fayejessica 31st July 2018 — Post author

      It definitely was in comparison to past series

  3. Planet Vikki 31st July 2018

    I completely agree it was very staged and the producers definitely manipulated some situations to get drama. It was also very obvious that Jack and Dani were going to win, I thought that after the first couple episodes. Can’t wait for next series now lol!!

    Vikki | http://planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

  4. sarahtrademark 3rd August 2018

    I never watched it as I don’t think it’s the kind of thing I would enjoy xx

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