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My First Fragrance Direct Haul | Stocking Up

Why is it that almost all of my makeup seems to run out at the same time?

Although I mainly use high street makeup for my every-day looks, it still adds up to a fair amount of money when you buy it all in one go. Well, I had been super busy helping my family over summer that I hadn’t had much time to go shopping, so I decided to delve into the online sites that sell makeup. That’s when I came across Fragrance Direct and found that they stock the majority of the makeup that I use. Not only that BUT they also sell it for much cheaper prices!

I was sceptical at first because it was just so cheap. This got me thinking that the items may be fake (in which case I would be wary about applying them to my face) or that they could be out of date (in which case I definitely would not use them). So, of course I did my research… The site itself claims that the products they sell are “completely genuine” and that because there are no “middlemen” they can get away with selling the products for such cheap prices. Hmmm.. interesting. Well that wasn’t enough for me so I headed to Twitter where I could only find decent reviews (but mainly about the perfume they sell). Finally, I checked out trust pilot where the majority of their reviews were great! So, I stocked up on 11 items which I managed to get for a total of £22.52 which also allowed me to redeem free delivery! If you’re curious as to how much these items might have totalled to if I’d shopped on the high street.. I saved a grand total of £29.10! So, if you think about it this way, I’ve got all of these products for less than half price WHAT?!

The delivery came super quickly! I ordered on the Monday and it had arrived by the Thursday. However, I would say that the products were not packaged to a high standard. As you can see in the image, there was only two plastic bags to keep the items sturdy. I think some bubblewrap and/or paper would have protected them more especially since there was some powdered products in the parcel. This led to one of the press powders in the concealer kit being smashed during transfer. Of course, the delivery was free and the rest of the products were in great condition so I wasn’t too disheartened. However, by purchasing the products for a higher price in store, you would know that they are intact.

When I shop in store, I always check that the items I am buying are sealed. This way I know they haven’t been used or tampered with. Everything in this order was sealed except the Rimmel Pressed Powder and the Concealer Kit which was smashed. Therefore, I am slightly wary about using the concealers but, I opened the pressed powder to find that it had not been used as the design was still clear in the powder. I also gave it the ‘sniff test’ along with the two foundations I ordered and they all smelt how they should.

One thing I would say, is that with foundations and concealers the site only stocks a few shades. So, it is luck to find your shade. I had to order a shade darker in the Astor foundation but I am happy to mix it with a lighter foundation to make it match for that price. Another thing I’d like to mention is that the image on the site of the pressed powder was the basic Rimmel packaging that I always buy. However, when it came, it was the packaging in collaboration with Rita Ora. This isn’t a huge deal but something worth noting.

Technic Soft Focus Transparent Loose Powder

Collection Primed & Ready Concealer Kit

Technic Anti Blemish Primer

Technic Matte Eyeshadow Primer

Sleek Lifeproof Foundation

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Astor Skin Match Foundation

Technic Correct & Contour Palette

Technic Brow Tamer

W7 Nail Polish Remover Total Wipeout

NYX Turnt Up! Lipstick

Overall, I’d say my experience of shopping with Fragrance Direct was a positive one and I’ll definitely be shopping with them again. I’ve saved a huge amount of money! Not only that, but they do stock higher end products such as MAC, Nars, Calvin Klein and Clarins which I’d like to try out.

Where do you buy your makeup?

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