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A More Natural Way to Deep Clean Makeup Brushes


What do you use to deep clean your makeup brushes? I tend to clean mine once a month (not sure if that’s bad) and use Johnson’s or Simple baby shampoo and this has worked well for me. The majority of my Twitter followers who voted on my poll also use baby shampoo.

But, I’ve found a more natural and eco-friendly product to use which does an even better job!

Natural Essentoils are a natural, cruelty free and vegan company which homemake beauty products in the UK. They have been selling their products for a year now and I can’t believe I’ve only just found them but I’m so glad I have.

While they sell makeup brush shampoo and daily cleaning spray, I tested out their Deep Cleaning Brush Jar and I was impressed!

Right off the bat, the packaging was a huge hit with me. There was brown paper and material to ensure the product was not damaged so that was very thoughtful. Moreover, all of the packaging was recyclable and contained no plastic  – this jar is the first product the company have launched since they made a commitment to reduce the amount of plastic packaging used in their deliveries. So, they did a good job in my eyes.

As soon as I opened the box there was a super strong, fresh smell. The product contains tea tree oil, lemongrass and thyme and the combination really does smell amazing. The jar displays all other natural ingredients clearly and they are also shown on the leaflet provided, so you know exactly what you’re applying to your brushes.

The company also sent a lovely diagram explaining clearly how to use the product. It was very simple –

Rinse the brush under warm water

Swirl it around in the jar until it foams

Rinse again under the water and rub from base to tip

Squeeze excess and lay flat then move onto the next brush

I did find that my foundation and concealer brushes in particular left some residue in the jar but I simply ran a small amount of water into the jar and poured it out which removed it straight away.

I washed all of my face brushes in one go and hardly any of the product was used. This is great because I know it will last for a decent amount of time unlike baby shampoo which I can go through fairly quickly. Therefore, it is definitely worth the £7.49 price tag. I also found that I washed my brushes a lot faster than I do with baby shampoo and I’m always looking to save time.

As you can imagine, the amazing smell that comes from the jar stays on your brushes so they smell just as nice. This could also mean that when you apply your makeup your face smells fresh too! As if I’m not already weird enough, I’ll have to ask someone to smell my face. The brushes also air-dried a lot quicker than usual. However, I was concerned this might leave my brushes feeling hard but they feel so much softer than usual which is likely to be down to the natural ingredients.

Now, normally I have some negative aspects to say about the products I review to make it a fair test but I honestly can’t think of any. It leaves no mess, it’s fairly small and good to travel with but still has a lot of product, it’s completely natural, hasn’t been tested on animals, suitable for vegans and has made my brushes feel better than ever. What can I say?

So, it’s clear I’d definitely recommend this product and I’m now interested in their deep cleaning spray.

What do you think?

You can buy the Deep Cleaning Brush Jar here and I have a 10% off discount code for you to use. Enter fayejessica10 when ordering.

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  1. sarahTRADEMARK (@sarahTRADEMARK) 24th August 2018

    This looks amazing, I’m going to have to get some xx

    • fayejessica 24th August 2018 — Post author

      Feel free to get yourself a 10% discount with my code girl xx

  2. Liam 25th August 2018

    So am I gonna have to smell your face then 😂😂
    Love and miss you lots xx

    • fayejessica 25th August 2018 — Post author

      maybe! Love and miss you too.. 1 month tomorrow til you’re home xx

  3. Eva 31st August 2018

    This product looks awesome!! I’ve never heard of it before and I’m looking for something new to clean my brushes with because I just use soap and it takes forever. Also the smell of this one sounds lush! Loved this post girl! XOX

    • fayejessica 31st August 2018 — Post author

      Honestly I think you’ll love this Eva, be sure to use my discount if you buy it! Thank you xoxo

  4. Planet Vikki 7th September 2018

    I haven’t heard of this company before but this product looks amazing, I pay about that for the product I use and it’s not all natural ingredients. This would be good to try as an alternative!

    Vikki | http://planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

    • fayejessica 8th September 2018 — Post author

      Oh great! Let me know what you think if you decide to try it and feel free to use my code to save a little bit of money.

  5. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 29th September 2018

    I’ve always been a baby shampoo person, but this product looks so super simple… I may have to give it a try!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

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