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My Custom Bracelet from Lovely You Lovely Me


As I’m sure you’re all aware I’ve been focussing lately on supporting small businesses and showcasing them on my blog. You can read reviews of my partner, Liam’s, business: Nordic Supply Co. and a Natural Essentoils product on here – companies which are growing by the day.

Well, I came across LovelyYouLovelyMe on Instagram and fell in love with their bracelets. They are an online seller offering a variety of watches and jewellery with customisable elements.

I sent a direct message to the seller enquiring about their jewellery and was pointed towards their ‘Happy Factor’ bracelets. While these bracelets are beautiful and very personal, I was also told that they contribute to a great cause. For every one of these products made, the seller donates £5 to Save The Children. I’ve always been one to give back to charity, so this feature caught my attention the most. The ‘Happy Factor’ is what the letter beads on the bracelet spell out. You choose your factor and the bracelet is made custom to you – so, you choose a word that makes you happy. After speaking with Liam, I chose the word ‘future’ because we are both holding on to our future together and that is what keeps me going and makes me happy while he’s away. The seller said: “We spread the reach of your happiness by giving to those in need.” How amazing is that?

The charm I chose to match the word ‘future’ was a tree. This was because it represents the growing family and friends me and Liam hope to build together in the future. So, by wearing this bracelet, I will always be reminded of that whenever I feel low or lacking hope. This especially matters to me because I’ve lasted almost 6 months without seeing Liam and there’s likely to be more periods of time that I’ll have to cope without him.

Ordering the bracelet was easy. The seller replied quickly and was happy to discuss the product. There was an option to either choose a standard size or to measure your wrist yourself. To make sure it was going to fit, I chose to measure my wrist – but I was sent a straightforward diagram to follow. My wrist was 17cm with no gaps and I chose for the bracelet to be in silver beads because I’m not a huge fan of gold. While it may often be more expensive I think it looks tacky.

That conversation took place on August 23rd and by the 29th, I was sent a photograph of the finished product. The bracelet was sent out to me through free signed-for postage the following day. It arrived on September 1st and the package included not only the bracelet but a thank you message, the sellers contact details and a lovely bag to keep the product in.

Positives of ordering from this company include the custom options to make the item, the very fast replies from the seller, the fact the products are handmade and made to measure and that a generous portion of the cost is donated to charity.

The bracelet itself feels of good quality silver. The beads and the charm are sturdy but still comfortable to wear and the ‘happy factor’ letters are printed on both sides of the beads so the message can always be read even if the bracelet moves around. The bracelet fits my wrist perfectly (so well done me for measuring it correctly!)

However, I do always like to write honest reviews for you readers. The elastic used is very detrimental and doesn’t stretch too far which makes the bracelet itself very delicate. I don’t struggle to get it on and off as it does fit correctly but I’m always scared that if I stretch it too far, it will snap. The company must be contacted for sales on their social media pages or by phone or email. There does not seem to be an online store. While the card I received in the post advertises www.lovelyyoulovelyme.com as their website, it appears to be unsecure and unavailable, so maybe having a website or an online store would get their name out their more. However, as a blogger reviewing this item, I know I am spreading their message which is important in the role I have taken on my blog of promoting small business.

As you can tell, I really do love my Happy Factor and the seller told me that they had a dream catcher charm and after spotting my tattoo in the photos, they thought it would match perfectly. So I got another bracelet.

This time, the beads are black with a few smaller silver beads in between some. This was the sellers idea and I think it looks great!

The dream catcher charm feels just as good quality as the tree charm in my happy factor bracelet. Also this bracelet does seem to stretch further and the larger black beads make it feel slightly sturdier.

I’m likely to wear this bracelet just as often as my happy factor one because the dream catcher design means just as much to me.

I absolutely love my new bracelets.

The prices of the products vary. The Happy Factor bracelet has a value of £35 (£5 of which would be donated to Save The Children). It should be noted that LovelyYouLovelyMe are not collaborating with this charity – the seller sends the donation personally to them.

The seller has new products coming soon so keep an eye out on the social media. Meanwhile, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for more examples of their products.

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  1. sarahtrademark 21st September 2018

    Aw this is so cute, love it xx

  2. theordinaryblogger1 23rd September 2018

    This is so cute! I’m obsessed!

  3. Liam 23rd September 2018

    This is so cute and a beautiful piece as well x

  4. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 29th September 2018

    The bracelets are so pretty, I love the colour/beads of the dream catcher one!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  5. Planet Vikki 29th September 2018

    Those bracelets are gorgeous!! The Dream Catcher definitely catches my eye!!

    Vikki | http://planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

  6. vibeslifeus 1st October 2018

    These bracelets are so gorgeous ! I love the ethos behind the brand!! The dream catcher bracelet is gorgeous !

    Keeley – http://www.vibeslifeus.com

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