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Testing Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection: Bare

I recently treated myself to the Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection in shade Bare while I was in the Superdrug store in York. I was lacking in nude lipsticks and while I’ll still be wearing my burgandy/reds in Autumn, you can never go wrong with a good nude.

Don’t quote me on that out of context.

I own quite a fair bit of Revolution makeup because its super affordable but still really good quality. However, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a Revolution lipstick so I really wanted to give them a go.

There are 5 nude lipsticks in this set for £7, which is a bargain if you ask me. There’s some pink tone ones and some orange tone ones which adds a bit of variety. However, notice the gap in the packaging – it’s the perfect space for a 6th lipstick.

I did swatch each colour to show the variations.

However, I didn’t see the point in testing all 5 for this post as I don’t think the colour would affect the performance of the lipstick.

But, I couldn’t decide which colour to test so I left it to my Insta followers to decide. Thanks guys!

Bare 112 Sooner or Later was a clear favourite so that was my lip colour of the day. It looks pretty nice on. Don’t you worry Liam, I’ll wear Whispers for you when you’re home.

Whenever I test a lipstick on my blog, I’m testing this lipstick based on the following factors.




Drying time



(and a kiss test when Liam is present – which on this day and for far too many other days this year, he was not).

So here is what I thought:

In terms of packaging, the lid is matte and the rest of the tube is glossy which gives it an interesting look. However, they do remind me of the MUA £1 lipsticks which also have the lip liner cream at the bottom. I chose not to use that part because I was feeling lazy. It was a Sunday morning in my defence. The lid feels thin like it could break if it was dropped but it lasted in my handbag for a full day with no mishaps.

There is no strong smell coming from the lipstick which is always good. I did smell them all for this and couldn’t smell anything.

The coverage is great. My lips were coated in just three swipes and the consistency is thick.

I can’t say this product has a drying time because it didn’t really dry. The lipstick always felt creamy on my lips throughout the day. This was great because it was comfortable to wear and didn’t crack.

Despite it never drying, it didn’t feel sticky at all.

However, because of this, its transferability was high. I applied the lipstick at about 8:30am and had a coffee an hour later and a decent amount transferred onto the mug.

However, it only really removed the top layer. At 1:00, I ate a sandwich and drank some Coca Cola with a straw.

I still had lipstick on and nothing appeared to transfer onto the straw so I didn’t reapply any. My lips were almost tinted the colour of the lipstick and because it is a nude, you couldn’t really tell whether the, what Safiya Nygaard likes to call the ‘butt hole’ (basically the waterline), had became uncovered. However, I think if this lipstick was a bolder colour, I would need to reapply at this point.

The lighting in the bathrooms was not okay, I apologise.

By 6pm the lipstick was almost completely gone and did need to be reapplied but on a normal day, I’d probably be taking my makeup off at this point anyway. So, I’m pretty happy with how long it lasted.

Have you ever tried any of these lipsticks?

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  1. Sarah 19th November 2018

    You made me want to get these!! Xx

  2. charlotte severn 22nd November 2018

    I love the pro range from revolution, their setting powder is one of my faves. I like a really sturdy lipstick that I can wear through my shift at work and this looks like it lasts well, 6 hours is a pretty good length of time for the price!.

  3. Planet Vikki 29th November 2018

    Those colours look so good!! Loved this review, definitely something I would go and buy!!

    Vikki | http://planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

  4. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 21st December 2018

    I’m glad that it didn’t feel sticky, that’s a pet peeve of mine when it comes to lipsticks!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

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