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What I Got In My Dig-In Box

The Dig-In Box is a welcome gift box service for university students. It is owned by three friends Chris, Neil and Matt. They aim to supply the box to to 75% of freshers in the UK.

I received one when I moved into halls in my first year. Each box has an individual code which you activate on the Dig-In website in the hope to win cool prizes. The box also contains free samples, coupons and other items to help you get started.

I got my second Dig-In box this year when I moved into my studio apartment. Check out my moving in video.

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Every student moving in was given one but I feel a bit sneaky having one now as I am a third year and being a first year feels like so long ago.

Anyway, each Dig-In box varies slightly so I wanted to show you what I got in mine.

A small academic calendar.

I actually forgot to buy an academic calendar for this year but I did buy a diary. This may or may not come in handy.

A pack of playing cards and a giff gaff sim card.

I never used the sim card that I got in first year, so I doubt I’ll use this one either. If anyone would like it, let me know. However, I have great fun with playing cards, especially for drinking games.

A guide to mental health with information and support.

This is something I definitely didn’t receive in my first year and something I wish I had. However, my uni does try to support people in other ways.

A Surf bio capsule and £1 off a full pack.

I do actually use capsules rather than liquids for my laundry so I’ll definitely be using both of these.

An original boost energy drink.

I’m more of a Monster gal myself but when I tried this, I did like it and it gave me the energy I needed to move in (as you can see in the video).

A Nando’s perinaise sauce sample and a free 1/4 chicken or burger when you spend £7 or more.

I’m a Nando’s lover so I’ll be making full use of these.

A Kenco iced coffee sample and 50p off a full pack.

I’m an iced coffee lover but it creeped me out putting cold water into the mug rather than hot. It did taste good but I can’t say I’ll be using that coupon. I might give it away.

A deal at Jamie’s Italian and a pot of pasta.

Jamie’s is far too expensive for me to go to very often and my closest one is Newcastle so that might be off the cards. I did like my pasta pot though.

A poster for Jack Ryan and student Amazon Prime.

I already used my Amazon Prime trial in first year and I prefer Netflix. I also took the poster down as soon as I took the photo.

Would you use the samples in the Dig-In box?

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  1. Liam 12th October 2018

    So glad this is a thing it really does make a lot of sense
    Proud of you princess xx

  2. sarahtrademark 13th October 2018

    You got some great stuff 🙂 xx

  3. Hannah Shaw 17th October 2018

    This is way better than the one i got!! In first year, mine was full of leaflets and a couple hot chocolate sachets.. BORING!!!

    I too love playing cards for drinking games!!!

  4. Planet Vikki 19th October 2018

    These look like such good things to get as a Uni student especially if there are some really helpful things in them!!

    Vikki | http://planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

  5. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 13th November 2018

    You’ve got some interesting things there. I love sample style boxes like this because it’s a great way to be introduced to new products and businesses.
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

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