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My Favourite Iced Coffee | Only £1

I’m a coffee addict as I’m sure most of you are aware by now and a couple of months ago I came across the nicest Iced Coffee I’ve ever tried.

This not a sponsored post (damn, I wish it was), it’s just an Arctic Iced Coffee appreciation post as I’m now a huge fan.

I’ve tried so many iced coffees in the past, from supermarket brands to Costa, Café Nero and Starbucks’ ranges but none of them quite come close to this one.

When I was in Heron Foods, I found Arctic Iced Coffee in the fridge aisle and decided to give it a go. I opted for the Caramel latté.

It was absolutely delicious.

The texture was creamy but not too thick and there was a fairly strong taste of caramel which is not always the case in iced drinks. The coffee is sweet tasting and gave me quite a bit of energy to last through the day.

So while the drink itself was a big hit with me, I also appreciated the packaging. The carton is easy to hold as it’s not too wide and fits perfectly in your hand. The screw cap means you can drink it all in one go or save some for later which means it’s great for on the go. Therefore, it’s good to keep me going throughout uni.  The packaging is also recyclable which is always a feature I look for.

The best thing about this iced coffee is that it is only £1 and most UK supermarkets sell it!

I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about Arctic Coffee and I’m looking forward to trying more of their beverages.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other iced coffee recommendations.

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