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September Playlist

I don’t know if I’ve said this about any other month this year but September has been the longest by far. After 6 months apart, I was due to see Liam at the end of the month and so 3 weeks of September just dragged out.

This month I moved into my new apartment, started my third year of uni and got my boyfriend back. Like a clean but very stressful slate. So, long story short, I’ve needed music more than ever to get me through.

Here is this months playlist:

Kiss was the first song I heard in September while I was travelling to meet up with one of my friends. It just came on while I had a Spotify playlist on shuffle and I’d never heard it before but I really liked it’s vibe. Since then, it’s been giving me the motivation to do anything. If I’m laid in bed and need to get up to do something, this song forces me to do it. If I need background music on while doing something, this is the background music. It’s weird how that works, isn’t it? So on a whole, it has been helpful more than anything.

You may remember me discovering a Dean Lewis song in last months playlist, well I’ve been falling in love with him more and more. Both Lose My Mind and Adore some up exactly how I feel about being away from Liam and discovering them this month must have been fate. Honestly I love both of these songs so much because the lyrics are so strong.

The 1975 brought out a new song and I went wild for it again. While it’s nowhere near as catchy as the previous singles, I still really like it. It’s much more chill but may not work as well live. Anyway I’m just going to leave this here and move on before I start ranting about the fact I couldn’t get tickets as Ticketmaster sold out in 1 minute and Sheffield Arena’s website F’d my order up.

I’m going to talk about Silhouette and Chariot at the same time because I was recommended them both by Spotify. They’re both so emotional and strong and really caught my attention, I’ve listened to them at least once everyday since first hearing them and they still capture my attention in the same way. They’re just very strong songs if that makes sense.

Sober is the most emotional of them all this month and really puts you into the mind of Demi. Crazy powerful words.

Nevermind was a song recommended by Liam and while I had heard it before, a song always means more coming from Liam. It’s a super chill song while still being upbeat and is good to have on in the background in the same way Kiss is.

Ocean Drive is also a song recommended by Liam but one I hadn’t heard before. It’s a more feel good track to have amongst the emotional ones. Perfect to listen to while getting ready for a night out.

Finally Killshot had to be in here. We really didn’t have to wait long for Eminem’s reply to Machine Gun Kelly’s diss track did we? While this may have been a publicity stunt for both Eminem and MGK (it certainly has got them both some media attention), I don’t care; it’s still a really good Eminem track and I love that man so it has to be in this playlist.

What do you think of this months songs and what songs have you been loving?



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  1. Liam 1st October 2018

    I’ve loved listening to your playlist since being back home with you and I’ve loved every minute spent with you xx
    Proud of you always ♥️
    Liam 😘

  2. Sarah 2nd October 2018

    Some great songs 🙂

  3. Planet Vikki 4th October 2018

    I agree with you on Eminem, I really like his new album and haven’t really listened to him in a long time, loved him during my teens!! Another great playlist 🙂

    Vikki | http://planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

    • fayejessica 29th October 2018 — Post author

      I used to love him so much and my love has definitely grown back these past few years. Thank you!

  4. Eva 11th October 2018

    Great playlist! I heard Kiss the other day too (what a coincidence) so I’m happy to see it on here! Also Sober literally gives me goosebumps. What a fantastic song 😍

  5. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 13th November 2018

    I am majorly behind on your playlists but getting caught up now! I am IN LOVE with Sober. It’s so beautiful and raw <3
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

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