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October Playlist

October has been a very busy month. While starting my dissertation, battling against deadlines and sticking to my blogging and Youtube schedules, I’ve also been trying to spend as much time with Liam as possible while I’ve had him back.

I’ve listened to plenty of music while trying to get everything done so it was harder than ever to pick 10 faves. But, here they are:

All of the songs this month are new. New to me anyway.

The first 5 in the list were all songs I came across on Spotify. Sometimes in Autumn playlists by other people and sometimes with the radio on shuffle. Either way, I love them all.

Colour Me is so relaxing and gives me autumn vibes but I have no idea why. I’ve listened to this song the most this month while getting tasks done and it has really kept me going but helped me feel relaxed while stressed. I hope that makes sense.

Healing Hands is amazing. Conrad’s vocals are just phenomenal and when the beat kicks in, I can’t help but sing the words. It’s just so powerful.

False Confidence is another chill song which a fantastic chorus. If I’m laid in bed lacking energy, this song gives me it.

Two Punks In Love is a song I came across while chilling with Liam. The lyrics are beautiful and I’ve even heard Liam singing the words to this one recently.

Mercy is such a dramatic song and I don’t necessarily relate to the lyrics at the moment, I just really like the music in general. I definitely want to hear more from Lewis Capaldi.

Peer Pressure is a song recommended by Liam which he first heard on Radio 1 when driving to see me. We had to Google what film the words at the start are from and since then, Liam has been referencing the film constantly. While I do really like the actual song, it’s more of just a joke between me and Liam now and I much prefer some of L Devine’s other tracks.

The 1975 came out with yet another track and I was as hyped as ever. This isn’t necessarily as good as the earlier releases but when am I really going to hate any of their music?

Liam made me listen to Drama and Death Do Us Part in the car and I like them both. The beat in Drama is brilliant and I love singing the chorus to it. Death Do Us Part reminds me of Liam so I like it more for that reason.

Finally, I heard James Arthur’s new track when we were out somewhere and I said quote “OH MY GOD, IS THIS JAMES ARTHUR?” I then got home and added it to my playlist immediately. I love it and I love him. Full stop.

What songs have you been loving recently?

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  1. Liam 1st November 2018

    Another brilliant playlist and I’m very proud of you xx

  2. Sarah 2nd November 2018

    I haven’t heard of any of these!! Will check them out xx

  3. theordinaryblogger1 2nd November 2018

    I love the 1975! Cant wait to give these songs a listen x


  4. charlotte severn 4th November 2018

    Great playlist!. I’m currently obsessed with Eastside – Benny Blanco and No Stylist – French Montana

  5. Planet Vikki 7th November 2018

    I have been listening to a lot of Christmas songs lately but I am also listening to some Spice Girls now x

    Vikki | http://planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

  6. morgiereacts 8th November 2018

    I love posts like this and discovering new songs!

  7. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 13th November 2018

    Your playlists are always so much fun! I know what I’ll be cleaning to today…
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

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