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Butterfly | I’ve decided to return back to blogging

I’m not sure if people are still here to read my posts but if you have stuck around then I can’t thank you enough. I have been gone quite some time. I’m sorry!

I’ve decided to return back to blogging – hopefully for the foreseeable future. I’ve finally finished my university studies and as of July 8th this year, I’ll officially be a Fashion Journalism Graduate. Now that’s an achievement but I’ve never forgotten about my blog and it has still always been in my heart.

However, I may have abandoned it slightly and focussed more on my dissertation – a sustainable fashion news website. You can read all of my work that went towards my final university project at www.ecostyle.news. If you want to support me over there too, I’d really appreciate it as I am hoping to continue my writing on that website too. I’m so proud of it.


So where does the butterfly come into this? Well, before my 21st birthday (comment below if you’d like to read a post about this birthday and my trip to Mallorca), my mum was hoping to get me a special present – a new tattoo.

My gorgeous new tattoo

Well, I chose a butterfly with roses on one side to compliment my other tattoos. In the centre, I asked Hannah to design a fountain pen to reflect my love for writing and the hard work I’ve put in through my university journey. It turned out absolutely perfect.

I found my soul mate

So, the butterfly is a reflection of my past work and hopefully my future work. As though university was my cocoon and I’m now a butterfly seeking employment, haha.

To celebrate, me and Liam (yes, were still together, a year and a half and going strong – Liam’s job still is still taking its toll on me but I’m getting used to it now and we really cherish the time we have together), went to Butterfly World in Stockton and wow it has changed a whole lot since I used to go when I was little.

My childhood memory holder

It’s still very hot inside and totally magical but they also have reptiles and adorable meerkats too. It was 100% worth the money.

Side note – my new Huawei phone has a decent camera

My photography has definitely improved too


So, with the huge amount I have been learning from uni and my work placement at Belle Bridal Magazine, I now know so much more about internet writing and WordPress. From now on I will focus on improving my writing even more and having strong SEO on this blog. I’m even looking into adding ads to the blog at some point. What are your thoughts?

For anymore updates please ask me questions in the comments. I really want to gain my loyal readers back now that I’ve decided to return back to blogging and I want to speak to them more as my blog is so special to me.

Thank you and I’ll be back with another post very soon.

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  1. Liam 21st May 2019

    So proud of you princess xx

    • fayejessica 21st May 2019 — Post author

      Thank you for your support through everything xx

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