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A day at the farm | Animal antics to escape the stress

Working full time now has really taken over my life. I haven’t had time to stop and head back to my blog. But, hey, I’m back.. for now to tell you about my day at the farm.

Before my graduation (please let me know if you’d like a blog post on that), I managed to bag myself a job at my local newspaper and got myself my first car (also let me know if you’d like to read about that). Lots has been happening.

Work is a 45 minute drive away and my shifts range from 6am-2pm, 9am-5pm, 12pm-8pm, or 2pm-10pm and no day is the same but EVERY day is long. I’m loving the job but I really am struggling to get any free time as I’m working most weekends as well as weekdays. It’s bad enough trying to see my family but regular readers will know how hard it is for me to see Liam normally so it’s crazy difficult now. We just make of it what we can.

I loved my time at the farm

So, on my days off we always find something fun to do. After an hour of laying down at a loss for something we haven’t done for a while, Liam suggested going to see some animals and having a day at the farm as we both absolutely love doing that. He found Newham Grange Farm in Middlesbrough online. I’d heard of it but never been and thought we’d give it a go but I didn’t have very high expectations.

It was so good!

Craig is the coolest dude

We became best friends with a goat called Craig (the coolest dude ever) and his goat friend Andy who were just the cutest and we fed them. 

I don’t know who Craig preferred

I also grew to love Gerty, a huge pig who had given birth to piglets in June.

Gerty scared me to begin with but she was my bff by the end of the day

Then, outside I started feeding sheep and more goats. They were eating straight out of my hand. It was the cutest thing.

I wish I could have got closer to my new pals

There was also cows, donkeys, llamas, wallabies, guinea pigs, mice and horses. Liam will comment if I’ve forgotten anything. 

I was a big fan of the llamas too

There was also outdoor mini golf (which I won), an outdoor maze and a lovely cafe. I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed the day. It was £5 each including food to feed the animals. Maybe when you have low expectations and just do things on a whim, you tend to just enjoy it more. I always find myself planning things to every detail. It makes everything too stressful so this really was just a good day. 

I was this happy to win mini golf

I’m hoping to find more time to add to my blog. I’d love to continue to document these days that I’m enjoying . Then I can look back on them almost like a diary.

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  1. Liam 29th July 2019

    Really enjoyed going with you and we’re getting a goat 🐐

    • fayejessica 29th July 2019 — Post author

      I don’t know where you’re planning on keeping a goat!

  2. Britt K 29th July 2019

    I love this! I grew up on a farm, and there’s a peace and comfort that you can only feel when you’re there!

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