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How to afford a kitchen remodel

This is a collaborative post to help you afford a kitchen remodel – something I’m hoping to consider soon as I plan to move out again as a New Year begins.

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Of all the rooms in the home, the kitchen tends to be the room that many of us get most excited about renovating. Unfortunately, it also tends to be the most expensive room to remodel which can lead to many of us constantly putting off our dreams of a new kitchen.

Trying to afford a kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be an expensive task. There are lots of tricks to lower the cost, as well as creative ways of funding a kitchen remodel. Here are just a few different ways to make a kitchen remodel more affordable.

Choose the right loan

With a kitchen renovation typically costing thousands, most homeowners have no choice but to borrow money to afford a kitchen remodel. It’s much easier than saving up the funds, but you will end up paying more overall in the long run due to the interest rates. When choosing a loan, make sure to shop around and explore all your options. The likes of Evolution Money offer flexible secure loans that can be great for home improvements. You can also consider remortgaging as a way of paying for the renovation. Having a good credit score could improve your chances of getting a good deal.

Sell your old kitchen appliances

Don’t just chuck your old appliances in a skip. If they’re in a good condition, someone may be willing to buy them. You can even sell broken appliances for parts on sites like Gumtree. This could be extra money to help fund your remodel.

Put your DIY skills to the test

You’ll likely need to hire some contractors when remodelling your kitchen (particularly for plumbing and electrical work), but there may be other jobs that you can handle yourself such as painting or even replacing countertops. Going DIY will save you a lot of money. Nowadays, there are plenty of free resources for learning DIY tricks including the likes of YouTube and DIY Doctor. But take care – you don’t want to spend more money having to fix a botch job.

Use your network

Do you know any friends or family members that are good at DIY? Perhaps you even have a friend that is a handyman by trade? Using your network could help you to save some money rather than relying on contractors that you don’t know. These close connections are likely to charge mates rates. Some may even be willing to offer a helping hand for free (although you probably still want to buy them a drink or make a meal to thank them).

Work with the space you have

Extending your kitchen will likely add thousands onto the budget. If possible, consider ways of working with the space you already have. If you’ve got a dining room or living room leading into your kitchen, there may be a way of knocking down the wall between them for an open plan – you may then be able to extend out the countertop to create a breakfast bar.

Hit the sales

When shopping for new appliances and fixtures, make sure to look out for sales. You can score huge discounts in the January sales on everything from cabinets to kitchen taps. Individual stores are meanwhile likely to run other sales throughout the year. Don’t forget to also check out coupon sites like Groupon for discounts on kitchen units and appliances.

Try not to relocate fixtures

Moving an oven or a sink across the room isn’t recommended if you’re trying to keep to a tight budget. If you’re getting a new oven or sink, try to keep it in the same location as the old one (unless the current location is utterly impractical)

Repaint cabinets, don’t replace

If your current cabinets aren’t damaged and you feel they offer enough storage, there may be no reason to replace them. Instead, you may be able to simply revamp them by adding a new lick of paint. A modern glossy paint on an old cabinet could be enough to conceal any scuff marks. Replacing the cabinet handles and drawer pulls could also be a small way of revitalising your cabinets and drawers.

Consider imitation material countertops

A lot of us have dreams of installing marble or granite worktops, but they are notoriously pricey. There is however the option of imitation materials for those that aren’t worried about having the real thing. There are synthetic options that look like stone and even faux-granite sprays that can be applied to an existing plastic countertop to make it look and feel like granite.

Opt for track lighting, not spot lighting

If you plan to brighten up your kitchen by adding extra lighting, spot lighting may not be the only option. Track lighting can allow you to install multiple lights facing in different directions on a single overhead light fitting. It requires less electrical work to install track lighting than having to install spotlights in all four corners of the room, resulting in cheaper electrician fees.

Try click-fit wooden flooring

Replacing floorboards can result in a lot of upheaval and it can be very expensive. A cheaper option could be to try click-fit flooring. This is a thin layer of wooden flooring that can be placed over the top of your existing floor. Each piece clicks together, allowing for easy DIY installation. Source Wood Floors are one company that offers this type of flooring. 

I know these tips will be useful for me to use in the future but do you have any more to add? Let me know in the comments.

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