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How I spent my 22nd birthday in lockdown

I turned 22 on April, 22 but this birthday was quite different to any other. This is how I celebrated my day in lockdown

22nd birthday in lockdown

At midnight, Liam called me to wish me a Happy Birthday as we’re unable to see each other until this is over. Last year, we celebrated in El Arenal for my 21st, but a simple phone call meant just as much in these very different times.

Morning sunshine

22nd birthday in lockdown

After I fell asleep (actually still on the phone to Liam – sorry) I woke up and opened my cards. My lovely friend Debra who I met at my previous workplace, JPIMedia, managed to get a card to me despite needing to be ‘shielded’ from coronavirus, thanks to her little helpers. That meant a lot to me!

22nd birthday in lockdown

Then, I decided to get dressed and do a full face of makeup. Admittedly, I’ve spent a lot of time in pyjamas and loungewear and haven’t been putting as much effort in as usual, so I thought doing this would help me start the day right. I used only cruelty free makeup, so there’s likely to be a post on Eco Style about that soon. * I’m now posting on that website every day and there’s currently an ongoing giveaway to win some lashes if anyone is interested.

22nd birthday in lockdown

As both my sister and my mum are working nightshifts as key-workers, I am always the only one awake until around lunchtime. I didn’t mind as the sun was gleaming, so myself and the dogs sat in the garden while I enjoyed breakfast and an iced coffee – one of many throughout day!

22nd birthday in lockdown

I then began a jigsaw to complete later this week. I’ve been enjoying doing them as it takes me away from the screen for a while and reminds me of quality time I usually have with my nana.

Great gifts

22nd birthday in lockdown

Once my mum was awake, I opened my presents from her – lots of clothes. Then, Liam video called me to open the ones he had sent to the house.

22nd birthday in lockdown

He is now becoming somewhat of an expert in what makeup to buy me and he also got me a Billie Eilish CD for my car and pin badges to add to my collection. He’s a keeper! He’s also expecting another parcel to arrive in the next few days along with a present from my sister, which is great really because it means I have something else to look forward to.

I had my lunch while on the call which featured a slice of the creme egg brownie me and my sister had made a couple of days before. I don’t understand why so many people don’t like creme eggs?

Treating myself

22nd birthday in lockdown

The sun decided to stay out for longer so I enjoyed an iced lolly in the garden, followed by a few glasses of rosé – and another short call from Liam.

22nd birthday in lockdown

We then ordered a takeaway meal deal to share between us – but there’s no surprise that I claimed the parmo to myself.

After a couple more glasses of wine, and the all-important birthday cake, I headed upstairs for a final call to Liam. It was the most I’d heard from him in weeks!

I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday properly after lockdown, whenever that may be. But for now, I’m just thankful that myself and my family are safe and well.

Have you had a lockdown birthday or do you have any tips on how to stay positive and productive? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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