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Can’t protest? Five ways to support Black Lives Matter

We’ve all seen the protests rock the US as the outrage over George Floyd’s death continues. But, if you’re outside the US, or you can’t leave the house, how can you help show your support for the Black Lives Matter Movement?

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I’ve compiled a short list of the top five ways you can listen, educate and pay your respect. It’s not enough to post a black square. Be active and take a stand.

Social Media

On Tuesday, June 2 black screens filled social media. Celebrities, businesses and the public joined in using the hashtag #blackouttuesday. The idea was to free up time normally spent on social media to educate yourself on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Admittedly, I also got involved but I made sure to show my support in other ways too.

On Wednesday, June 3, members of the public ‘took a knee’ at 6pm. This was in remembrance of George Floyd. Images were shared on social media with the hashtags #justiceforGeorgeFloyd and #publicinquirynow.

Meanwhile, people have been using the #blacklivesmatter hashtag. This has helped keep others (including myself) informed on the protests. Moreover, it helps share ways you can help spread the word.

Sign Petitions

There are a long list of petitions to sign to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here are just a few you can sign online.

The change.org: Justice for George Floyd petition is hoping to seek the attention of Mayor Jacob Frey and DA Mike Freeman to have the officers involved in George Floyd’s death fired, and for the charges to be filed.

The #WeCantBreathe petition is also asking for signatures. The hope is to gain the attention of Mike Freeman to have the immediate arrest and second degree murder charge of all four officers involved.

In addition, the change.org: #speakupBoris petition is urging the UK government to condemn the murder of George Floyd and the suspected racially-motivated police brutality.

Help Campaign

Alongside countless petitions, campaigns are taking place across the world. In the UK, MP Diane Abbott is asking for a public inquiry the impact of COVID-19 on BAME communities. However, she has also called on the public to help.

Switch Your Buying

In addition, across social media, people are being urged to support businesses owned by members of the BAME community. If you don’t have the money to support them, you can use your social channels to share their work with others.


Finally, if you do have any money to spare, you can donate to many of the petitions listed as well as the Black Lives Matter organisation here.

In addition, some YouTubers, such as sophdoeslife, are using their ad revenue to donate to similar organisations. In Soph’s video ‘I FOLLOWED A PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTIST’S TUTORIAL…’ she vowed to donate all of the ad revenue to the Black Visions Collective. However, you could play such videos on a loop in the background to raise more money.

If you have any other ways to help show support, please share them in the comments or on social media.

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