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A hint of colour with Femme Luxe Finery

This blog post is in collaboration with Femme Luxe Finery, who gifted me some great clothes in exchange for a review.

Femme Luxe Finery is a fashion brand that aims to have something for every style. I’ve now placed a couple of orders with the brand and I’ve loved the products so far so I decided to try out more of their loungewear and a different dress – as the last one I ordered didn’t fit.

Influencers are still loving this brand on social media and Femme Luxe has more and more loungewear and other products to try every time I visit the website. 

As well as constantly updating its site with new trends, including those featured in this post, Femme Luxe also offers heavy discount codes and 10% student discount.

Brown Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set – Asia

Photo credit: Liam Bessent

Colour: Brown
Size: M/L 12/14
Price: Was £45.98, now £19.99

Previously, I’ve loved the loungewear that I’ve ordered from Femme Luxe and I’ve chilled in them throughout lockdown. However, I’ve been opting for a lot of black. So, this time, I decided to add a hint of colour to my wardrobe. My first choice was a ribbed, belted loungewear set in a brown/tan colour, which isn’t my usual style. 

Immediately, on opening the parcel, I noticed that the material feels very soft and silky in comparison to my previous purchases. After trying the set on, I found the leggings to be elasticated, high-waisted and only slightly baggy around my knees. However, they are slightly see-through so I’d recommend wearing a thong or seamless pants. However, it doesn’t matter too much because the t-shirt is long and does cover your bottom. The t-shirt is also very soft and comfortable to wear. It has slits at the bottom of the sleeves which are stylish but also great if you’re busy with your hands. I also really love the belt which can be used to cinch in your waist – a feature unlike any of the other Femme Luxe loungewear I have seen. However, I would say this loungewear set is in a slightly different colour to how they appear online – but I don’t hate the colour. 

Wine Loungewear Tracksuit Set – Maria

Photo credit: Liam Bessent

Colour: Wine
Size: M/L 10/12
Price: Was £39.98, now £16.99

Next up, I picked a burgundy coloured set which is a similar style to the black loungewear I’d ordered previously. Like them, this set also fits great. The trousers also feature handy pockets and elasticated ankle cuffs. However, because they are a different material (more of a knitted style) they are slightly more comfortable than the previous set. 

I would say that this loungewear set is true to size and great for all body shapes. 

Grey High Waisted Lightweight Joggers – Kimora

Photo credit: Faye Dixon

Colour: Grey
Size: 10
Price: Was £29.98, now £12.99

Now, this is where the order went a bit strange. I placed an order for some stylish looking joggers from Femme Luxe that had no tie or waistband. However, the grey joggers that I received were very different to the images. They had ties and a very thick waist band. In my opinion, they were also way bigger than a size ten. I’m not sure if a different Femme Luxe item was sent instead (as the joggers did have a Femme Luxe tag attached to the right cuff), but they certainly weren’t the ones I ordered. That being said, they are comfy and had they been fitted around the waist, I would be likely to wear them. Instead, I may give these joggers to charity.

I styled them with a Femme Luxe t-shirt for reference. You can read my review on that here.

Emerald One Shoulder Ruched Slinky Midi Dress – Savannah

Photo credit: Faye Dixon

Colour: Emerland
Size: 12
Price: Was £39.98, now £19.99

Not to worry as I’ve saved the best for last. I was nervous that, like my previous order, the dress wasn’t going to fit. But, this one fits perfectly! It’s elasticated but hugs in all the right places and the ruching down the side makes it even more attractive. I love the one-shouldered aspect as a style and it works great with this item.

Sadly the product did come with a small rip on the front along the seam but that’s nothing a needle and thread can’t fix. Apart from that, I can’t pick out any faults from this item, so I’d definitely recommend ordering this dress. It comes in a variety of colours and it’s great value for money too.

Give the Femme Luxe Finery collections a browse online. I’m sure that you’ll find at least one item that’s perfect for you. There’s also some great shoes and accessory options. that are perfect to complete your outfits.

Find out more about Femme Luxe Finery by heading to their website at femmeluxefinery.co.uk. Search for the brand on social media, where they are very active. Do let me know what you think about the brand and its products in the comment section.

What have you got your eye on? I’d love to know.

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