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Aysgarth Falls | Fun Days Out

In an attempt to make my boyfriends birthday special – from a distance – I treated him to a surprise day out to Aysgarth Falls.

Friendly reminder to myself: both my car and I do not like driving through the hills of North Yorkshire! But, despite a fearful journey, Aysgarth Falls was probably my best day out since lockdown.

Photo credit: Faye Dixon

I drove myself and Liam to Aysgarth Falls, through rolling hills, and didn’t tell him where I was going, I hoped to make it a surprise day out, which seemed to work as he thought he was going to a castle. It’s somewhere neither of us had ever been, but from what I’d seen on Instagram, it looked pretty spectacular.

Aysgarth Falls

After making it in one piece, I paid for parking. It was £5 for the full day which isn’t bad considering it’s in a rather remote area.

Photo credit: Faye Dixon

I gifted Liam his birthday presents and made him wear a birthday badge, obviously. Thankfully he loved his main present (a pair of Dr Martens) but seemed more in awe of the views around him – as was I.

I packed a picnic, as well as a Finest chocolate birthday cake, and we headed up a little walkway to High Falls. As it had rained pretty heavily the day before, the waterfall was fast flowing and honestly looked amazing. I wish I brought my Nikon to do it justice.

Photo credit: Faye Dixon

We walked right round and Liam dabbled his feet into a safe part of the water. There was plenty of people but it was pretty easy to keep your distance. There was also plenty of picnic tables, where we enjoyed our lunch.

Photo credit: Liam Bessent

Later, we walked down to Low Falls. There was a short walkway which led to a great viewing spot of the water. Plus, there was a safe place to sit and dangle your feet over the edge. Honestly, it was just the most peaceful day out.


Despite the incredible views of the flowing water, my highlight had to be meeting Felix.

Photo credit: Liam Bessent

Felix is a female cat who was introduced to us by a member of staff at the visitor centre. Felix had come over to say hello and at first we thought she was a stray, but we were told she’s actually lived at Aysgarth Falls most of her life. She was so friendly!

Sadly, just weeks after leaving, I found out Felix had gone missing from her home. I still don’t know if she’s back safely or not and I’m so worried about her.

Find Aysgarth Falls at: Leyburn DL8 3TH

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