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Teesmouth National Nature Reserve | Fun Days Out

On potentially the windiest day of the year, we got blown around Teesmouth and saw seals swimming in the water.

Photo credit: Faye Dixon

You’d think a yellow weather warning for wind would have made me think twice about wanting to go to Teesmouth National Nature Reserve but I’d never been and Google wasn’t telling us much so, being intrigued, we headed to check it out.

Seals at Teesmouth

Photo credit: Faye Dixon

We parked up in the car park and took the chance to shoot a couple of my outfits for Femme Luxe. Shout out to anyone who may have seen me acting as a quick-changing artist in the back of the car. Then, we headed to a viewing platform where, to be totally honest, we couldn’t see much.

Photo credit: Faye Dixon

I was beginning to think we may have had a wasted journey, until we followed a path down the road to another viewing platform. Through the holes, we must have seen around 10 seals in the distance. Some chilling on the rocks and others bobbing their heads up from the water. It was pretty incredible and I’ve never wanted to have my Nikon with me more. I also need to invest in a long lens for moments like this.

Photo credit: Faye Dixon

We crossed the road and headed down another trail which led by the water. We saw a few more seals sticking their head out of the water to say hello. There was also viewing huts at the end of the track where we could shelter from the wind and see butterflies through the windows.

By the beach

Photo credit: Liam Bessent

Later, we drove for five minutes to the sand dunes where it was surprisingly quiet.

Photo credit: Faye Dixon

Strolling through the dunes, sea foam and along the beach to the rocks, we sat and enjoyed the fresh air.

It was a very simple day out and was nice to appreciate the nature surrounded by the industrial monster that I’ve called home for most of my life. It was nice to experience that with Liam while there was many things we still can’t do together.

Find Teesmouth National Nature Reserve at: Hartlepool TS25 2DT

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