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Q&A | Get To Know Me Better

I recently posted a tweet asking fellow bloggers to ask me a few questions to answer in this post. As I’m a very new blogger and I’ve dove straight into writing, I think it’s only right that you get to know me better.

Big thanks to everyone who sent me the questions below.

 – jenngrieve.wixsite.com/jenngrieve 

Q- “I’m new to the blogging scene too! What would be your top tips to grow your audience?”

A- A fellow newbie, hey! After producing my first few posts, I started using my second Twitter account to promote them. I’ve been so lucky with social media and I’ve gained hundreds of new followers in just a matter of days. This has meant more people have been viewing my blog and I’ve been getting lots of positive comments. I’ve even been added into a group chat with other bloggers from around the world. This is fabulous because we are supporting each other and I’m learning much more about the blogging community. So, in answer to your question, my top tips would be to use social media and communicate regularly with other bloggers to get your name out there.

 – octoberslallu.blogspot.qa

Q- “Who/What inspired you to create a blog?”

A- I’ve always been a huge fan of the likes of Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr; I love reading their blogs. But, I never got round to making my own and if I’m honest I was always too nervous to start. I finally plucked up the courage to start when I finished my first year of university, when I felt that my writing had improved a lot and I had a range of ideas for posts. I’m so glad I did start and I hope my blog continues to get better and better over time.

 – Lablondevoyage.co.uk

Q- “Do you have any secret beauty/fashion hacks?”

A- I have two hacks I’d love to share:

  • Beauty- Apply bronzer in the shape of a ‘3’ (on the forehead, cheekbone and jaw). This prevents a bronzer overload and keeps your make-up looking subtle and professional.
  • Fashion- Rub deodorant on your feet to avoid getting blisters from new shoes.

Hope these help!

 – emmjoy.co.uk

Q- “What is your favourite way to relax?”

A- After a long, hard day, I love to just get comfy in casual clothes (often a cosy jumper/hoodie and leggings), grab some snacks (got to include oreos), then cuddle up in bed and watch classic movies to relax. My favourite is The Breakfast Club.

 – lifeofkimberly.com

Q- “If you could have only three items for the rest of your life (other than essentials to survive), what would they be?”

A- Very interesting question! This is a difficult one.

  • My iPhone, so that I could continue to blog, keep in touch with my friends and take pictures.
  • My HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette Kit because that’s the only real make-up item I need. I hate my brows without filling them in because the front few are very sparse and I love having thicker brows.
  • My scrapbook, so, I can always look back at the memories I’ve made.

 – elink.io/9f532

Q- “What’s your favourite blog post you’ve read/wrote?”

A- My favourite blog post I’ve read is Zoella’s post ‘Anxiety – The Update’ because it’s just so honest and personal and I think it’s great that despite being in the public eye, she still remains true to herself and shares her experiences. She raises some really important points in this post and I think this is relatable to a lot of people and could help them.

So far, my favourite blog post I’ve wrote is ‘Spain | I experienced A Hidden Treasure’ because I love the pictures I included in it and it reflects just how much I really enjoyed that holiday. I have also got some really lovely comments on this post.

 – aliceshappywonderland.com

Q- “What’s your favourite beauty product you can’t live without?”

A- I already kind of answered this question in my three items. Definitely my HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette Kit. I swear by it.

 – meandmybeautyblog.blogspot.com

Q- “What is at the top of your makeup/beauty wish list?”

A- The Iconic London Illuminator Drops in ‘shine’ is at the top of my beauty list right now. I’ve read great reviews on it from the likes of Jeffree Star and Gabriella Lindley and I’m a huge lover of luxury highlighters. I really need to get my hands on this soon.

 – anintrovertsinklings.wordpress.com

Q- “If you hadn’t gone into Fashion Journalism, what would you have pursued as a career? Also, why fashion journalism?”

 – pennyxxlane.com

Q- “If you weren’t studying fashion journalism what would you want to study?”

A- Great questions! If I hadn’t chosen Fashion Journalism, I would have still wanted to do something that involved writing because that’s one of my main passions. I would have maybe chosen to pursue being an editorial assistant. I chose to study Fashion Journalism at university because it combines all of my passions: writing, fashion and media. My A-Levels included English Language, Textiles and Media Studies, so it’s always been pretty clear what I wanted to do as a career.

 – taylorandjade.com

Q- “What do you like to do in your spare time?”

A- In my spare time I love to shop, whether that be internet shopping or going to town; I love trying on new clothes and trying out new make-up and beauty items. I also love going on adventures. Just getting in the car and driving to see where we end up (and having a carpool karaoke on the way) or going on long walks to find new places to take interesting photos.

 – www.narzra.co.uk

Q- “What are your favourite blogs to read?”

A- My blog is so varied because it covers so many different topics, so I read a range of different blogs. In particular, I love reading travel blogs because they give me inspiration to plan my next trip. But, I also love reading beauty reviews because they help me decide whether to invest in new products.

 – thatfashionbambi.com

Q- “Whats a funny fact about you?”

A- More of a funny story… I went to go give blood last year for the second time, everything went fine but I was feeling a little bit dizzy. I stood up to go to the toilet, went dizzy, passed out and banged my head on the side of a coffee table in the hotel. So, I ended up losing even more blood! At least there was already nurses there to help though, haha. Spending most of the night in A&E wasn’t really what I had planned. Now, I’ve been taken off the register so I can no longer donate blood which I’m devastated about.

Feel free to check out all of these lovely ladies on Twitter and of course have a read of their blogs! I hope you feel like you’ve got to know me a bit better now, but if you have any other questions to ask me, leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to answer them.






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