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Meditation | Getting some Headspace

I decided to download the app ‘Headspace’ because I’ve always tried to meditate alone but I thought having a guide in the form of an app could help me. You get a 10 day free trial, so I decided to track the 10 days to help me decide whether the app is for me. Headspace is an app that guides short meditation sessions and training of the mind.

Here are my thoughts across the 10 days:

Day 1- “This guys voice is so relaxing.”

I could really feel my body becoming heavy and limp, like it was sinking into the bed where I was sat. I still had thoughts going round in my head, so I wasn’t totally drifting off but it was an unwinding experience.

Day 2- “I really needed that.”

After a stressful ordeal of losing £15 out of my pocket on a night out and getting lost on the way home, I really needed to destress before bedtime. I have such bad luck! After my meditation, my body felt much more calm and I felt relaxed enough to lay in bed and almost immediately drift off to sleep. My mind was cleared of all of the previous stress.

Day 3- “Not much traffic today.”

I’d had no stress today. I’d been really calm all day in fact. So, I almost forgot to meditate. I remembered just before I was about to sleep. I had to watch a video before meditating this time and it explained that I should not chase after my feelings, something which I often do. The voiceover described the feelings as busy cars on the road and that was the topic of the meditation. I decided I didn’t have much traffic because when I was told to think about my thoughts, I didn’t really have a lot to think about. But, my mind did drift off for a while, I kind of lost my self control for a bit and the exercise seemed to go much quicker than the previous days. I don’t know why.

Day 4- “Breathe.”

I was feeling a bit down this particular night and had a lot of negative thoughts going around, so I was hoping to try to forget about them before sleeping. Instead of racing into the traffic that was mentioned the previous day, I let my thoughts drift. I found myself thinking about some of the things that had been bothering me but because of my relaxed breathing, they didn’t seem to worry me anymore. I also felt myself becoming very sleepy.

Day 5- “Happy.”

I’d had a lovely day catching up with my family, then went out with my friends to watch the SIRF (Stockton International Riverside Festival) finale and had a lovely phone call with my other half. So, I had many happy thoughts flying around my head. There was another video to watch today. The mind was likened to taming a horse and bring it to a “natural place of rest.” So, as I had been previously, I chose not to force anything and to just let my thoughts happen. I didn’t mind doing that too much on this day because my thoughts were happy ones. I really found the balance between focus and breathing and fell asleep almost immediately after the session.

Day 6- “I can’t be bothered.”

I was getting so exhausted on the previous days and by the time it came to doing meditation before bed I was just too tired for it. So I decided on this day that I would meditate at a random point during the day. So, at 10 o’clock in the morning I meditated. I felt no different: still relaxed, still at ease. But it really helped me stay calm and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Day 7- “So happy.”

I’d been too busy during the day to meditate so I only found time to do so before bed. I had just had the best date night ever, I was sat with a huge smile on my face and had lots of amazing thoughts going round my head, so I really didn’t mind whether I meditated or not. There was a new animation to watch. The mind was likened to a blue sky and our feelings were likened to clouds. This metaphor made a lot of sense and on this day I had a lot of happy, small, fluffy clouds in my blue sky. The time seemed to fly by and before I knew it, I was opening my eyes and my body was feeling relaxed and weighted.

Day 8- “Technically day 9.”

So after day 7 being so happy, I had a real down day on day 8. I had multiple panic attacks and wasn’t feeling myself so I really didn’t have it in me to meditate. Looking back, meditating might have helped the situation, but I wasn’t in the right mindset to even think about that. Anyway, day 8 is now the day afterwards and hopefully I can get back on track. My body felt very heavy when I was meditating and my mind kept drifting off way more than usual. I’d never felt so relaxed in comparison to how I had been feeling beforehand.

Day 9- “Ripples.”

There was another video to watch today where the mind and thoughts were likened to raindrops creating ripples. It’s hard to keep track with all these different metaphors but it did make a bit of sense. When meditating I was told not to resist the thoughts and instead to just let them happen. But because of this I felt like the whole activity was pointless. I wasn’t really listening to what the man was saying and I lost all focus of my breathing. I’m not sure if meditating is helping me.

Day 10- “The finale.”

I’ve completed a full 30 minutes of meditation! But do I really want to pay £74.99 for a year?

So after mixed views, I’m still undecided about whether I want to continue using the app. I have learned a lot about breathing and thoughts and how to manage the two. I have learned how to help myself relax even when I am far from calm. But, I feel like I could continue doing this activity once a day without a guide. Also, I don’t think I can justify the price. Maybe trying out the ‘health,’ ‘brave,’ ‘happiness,’ ‘work & performance,’ ‘headspace pro’ and ‘sport’ free trials will help me decide.

Let me know your opinions in the comments below and contact me if you have any meditation tips or posts for me to read. If you’re considering the 10 day trial, I would recommend giving it a go.


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  1. sophielouise14 14th August 2017

    I have heard so much about this but was never sure if I should try it. Given you experience I think I will definitely give the free trail a go. The price is a bit high and like you said, can’t really justify it. Away to download it now as I have been feeling so empty this month so I am hoping this will help. Perhaps this is just what I need!

    Hope you are feeling better and are having a wonderful week.

    Sophie x

    • fayejessica 14th August 2017 — Post author

      You definitely should! I really hope it helps you like it did me. Let me know what you think.

      I am feeling much better thank you. Hopefully this week will be better. I hope things improve for you. Good luck with the app x

  2. aidle 14th August 2017

    Hey hon! I totally feel you about the fees. I have used Headspace but went with a free option. Also, there is a man named Jon Kabat Zin who is a leader in mindfulness training and meditation who has great resources that you can buy/download for less, OR there is this site that offers mindfulness meditation geared toward peropler with high stress/anxiety issues. https://palousemindfulness.com/ – my doc has had patients tell her it has changed their lives. Maybe something to look into if you’re not down with the payments?

    Ash – http://www.caviartastebolognabudget.com

    • fayejessica 14th August 2017 — Post author

      Thanks so much! Can always rely on you when it comes to budgeting haha. I’ll check out your suggestions for sure.

  3. Terri Heckley 16th August 2017

    This is something I definitely want to get into! Loved this post gal, really informative! 💗

    • fayejessica 16th August 2017 — Post author

      You should!! I find meditating so helpful especially on down days. Thank you 💞

  4. planetvikki 16th August 2017

    I’d love to try meditation might help me to stop worrying about stuff and get me into a better mindset. Might try the free trial before diving into it properly.

    Vikki x

    • fayejessica 16th August 2017 — Post author

      Good idea! That’s mainly what I use it for and I do find it helps! Good luck with the free trial and let me know what you think x

  5. Nele 16th August 2017

    Great review! I’ve used it too and loved using it but I found it very expensive, so I’ve been doing YouTube meditations instead ^_^ There’s loads to find on YouTube that are really good !

    • fayejessica 16th August 2017 — Post author

      Yeah I found it pretty expensive. Oh I didn’t even think of that, thank you so much I’ll go on a Youtube search now!

  6. Kayleigh Zara 16th August 2017

    I don’t think that I could justify the price either for the year! I think you could definitely use what you’ve learnt and practice with it x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

    • fayejessica 16th August 2017 — Post author

      Yeah it is a pretty steep price. For sure! I’ll definitely be continuing meditating. Thanks for reading! x

  7. Marta (@atrrraM) 16th August 2017

    I’m glad I found this post. I saw this app advertised and it seemed so good as I’ve been wanting to get into meditation for a while. Might give it the free test a trial, but doubt it I will pay such money for it.

    • fayejessica 16th August 2017 — Post author

      Give the free trial a go anyway! I did find it helpful. Enjoy x

  8. Hannah Shaw 17th August 2017

    I’ve always considered meditating but I definitely wouldn’t pay £74.99 for it!!! You can find some good guides on YouTube I think but I’m definitely considering giving it a go, I could do with a little relaxation👌🏽 Xx

    • fayejessica 17th August 2017 — Post author

      How expensive? Yes!! I’ve been having a look on YouTube and found some good videos so when I’ve tried them I’ll let you know ☺️xx

  9. Samantha 18th August 2017

    I tried Headspace a couple of years ago now and it really helped me. I thought it was a great app but I wouldn’t pay £74.99 for it now. The price is just too high 🙈

    Samantha | https://believeinamiracle.co.uk

    • fayejessica 18th August 2017 — Post author

      It really is a great app! But, I agree, I just don’t have the money for that 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Anika May 🦋 (@itsanikamay) 18th August 2017

    The price is a little high but it sounds like a great app, definitely for the free trial – lovely post. Followed on Bloglovin’ 🙂

    Anika xo | anikamay.co.uk

    • fayejessica 18th August 2017 — Post author

      I agree, it is a very good app though! Thank you, followed you back ☺️

  11. Samara Marshall 23rd August 2017

    This seems interesting. I don’t have enough money to pay for it because I’m a soon to be college student who is always on a budget but if I ever get the opportunity to try it then I might give it a go because I have been really trying to get into meditation. Followed you on Bloglovin as well !!

    Samara // themarshallwardrobe.blogspot.com

    • fayejessica 23rd August 2017 — Post author

      For sure give the free trial a go to see what you think and good luck with college! Thank you so much, I’ll follow you back right away x

  12. Elephants Voice 24th August 2017

    This was such an interesting read and it was good to know how the app was for you – sounds really interesting!

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