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Celebrity Big Brother | The First Impression Update

When this year’s series of Celebrity Big Brother began, I wrote a blog post discussing my first impressions of the housemates. If you haven’t read the post yet, I suggest you read it before this one.

As I predicted, a lot of my opinions have changed throughout the series. Instead of writing multiple blog posts about the series I’ve decided to wait until the day of the final to discuss my thoughts.

So let’s see how my first impressions have changed…

Shaun Williamson (Barry):

I was really expecting him to have much more airtime and I thought he’d be really entertaining but I’ve barely seen everything of him throughout the series. I still think he’s a really nice person but I think that made him seem a bit boring in comparison to other housemates. I think he should have been evicted way before he was but it was unfair that he had the ‘backdoor’ eviction.

Marissa Jade:

She wasn’t very entertaining and if she had stayed in longer her ‘showmance’ with Jordan would have really annoyed me.

Karthik Nagesan:

I thought I’d find him annoying… I definitely did find him annoying. I’m glad he left early. Also, I was really annoyed when he pulled the racist card with Paul. That was unnecessary.

Amelia Lily:

I absolutely love her. I feel like she’s been one of the most genuine people throughout and I’d be happy if she won. She’s just a genuinely nice person.

Sandi Bogle:

I really did like her and I’m glad she made it as far as she did. But, I think she should have gave others a chance to do things in the house. She tried to take control of things such as cooking too often. She also came across as a bit arrogant when she was evicted because she told Emma that she was surprised she left before others.

Sarah Harding:

Where on earth do I start? I predicted that she’d probably go far because she has a big fanbase, and I think this is definitely what has happened. I personally think she should have been evicted weeks ago. The way she has spoke to some people, Amelia, Jemma and Chad in particular, is disgusting. She has screamed at and spoken down to people multiple times and just seemed to get away with it. I just don’t think that’s okay. The whole thing going on with Chad is very confusing. At first she said she wanted to take things slow because she has someone on the outside, then the next thing I know she’s kissing Chad right in front of one of the cameras. They must have knew that camera was there! Now, they can’t keep their hands off each other and seem to be in a ‘relationship.’ It has all escalated very quickly and it’s all she seems to talk about now which is why, to me, it seems fake. She has also been given a huge amount of airtime because of the drama she’s created which I think is unfair on other people who are treating people much nicer than she is. I think the situation was made worse when her friend came in to the house and said “you are doing absolutely amazing, nothing to worry about.” This is clearly not true from the public’s reaction on Twitter and the boos she gets on eviction nights. Finally, Sarah cares and worries way too much about how she is being portrayed that she portrays herself even worse. She is constantly worrying about her fanbase and her ‘brand’ and that comes across as very fake to me.

Sorry for that huge paragraph!

Paul Danan:

I absolutely loved Paul! He was so much fun and really seemed to help people in the house when they were down. He just seemed like such a laugh; I wish he’d stayed in longer. I’m amazed more boring housemates like Derek and Helen stayed in longer than him.

Chad Johnson:

I predicted that he’d only stay in a long time if he starts a ‘showmance.’ So I guess his ‘showmance’ or romance with Sarah has benefited him greatly. I think people have been a bit harsh on him over food and the situation with Sarah. But, without Sarah he would have been such a boring housemate and might have left weeks ago. I still find him pretty boring now.

Jordan Davies:

Jordan really shocked me. I’ve always known him to bring drama on reality shows like this but he seemed to take a backseat in any arguments. I think he was too chilled out and didn’t get involved enough and that’s why he left early. I was really disappointed when he left. I loved his ‘bromance’ with Sam though. JAM are so cute.

Trisha Paytas:

I really did like her and she seemed like a nice person. She shouldn’t have walked when she did because I think she would have done really well.

Jemma Lucy:

I knew she’d bring the drama and I’ve loved it. The public have seemed to hate her. But, apart from taking things too far sometimes, for example with Sarah and drugs, she has only ever said the truth. She is very honest and has made great entertainment. She’s also been a really great friend to Sam. I’d be happy if she won.

Sam Thompson:

I love Sam! The whole situation with Amelia is messy. But, it was clear to me from the start that he was never really over Tiff and just fancied Amelia. I think the other housemates escalated Sam’s feelings and made Amelia believe he felt more than he does. That’s not his fault so I hope he isn’t perceived badly by the public for leading her on because I genuinely don’t think he meant to. He just is a nice person and I’m routing for him to win.

Helen Lederer:

Boring. Who even is she? She just sailed through the whole series. I thought she’d have a much bigger personality. She should have left way earlier than when she did.

Derek Acorah:

Boring. The ghost task was fun but apart from that I don’t think he’s been very good entertainment at all. He has been really nice to everyone though.

Brandi Glanville:

My first impression of Brandi was “I like the way she is looking at things.” I still do. She was brutally honest to everyone and I think that’s the best way to be in life. I couldn’t believe it when she got evicted so early!

So, that’s it! Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with me. I’d love to know what you think. I can’t wait for the final now! If Sarah or Chad win I will not be happy.




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  1. Elephants Voice 25th August 2017

    Enjoyed this piece and found it in lots of detail – thanks for sharing! X

  2. Amina 25th August 2017

    Its so interesting seeing someone elses view on things! It has been an ok series not the best though! And the chad and sarah thing has just taken over which has made it a bit boring.

    Amina xx | http://www.AliandHer.com

  3. Kayleigh Zara 25th August 2017

    I only watched a few episodes because I was interested to see Trisha! I lived for her picking the pizza – wish she hadn’t walked too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

    • fayejessica 25th August 2017 — Post author

      Yes!! I relate so much to that haha! It’s such a shame that she did x

  4. thebookbloggeronline 25th August 2017

    Great post! I’m obsessed with big brother so will have to keep up to date on these posts. I just wish Trisha hadn’t walked

  5. pinkiebag 25th August 2017

    Hi, great post on BB I watched the start and lost interest if I’m honest.

    • fayejessica 25th August 2017 — Post author

      I’m no that surprised that you lost interest tbh x

  6. Jennifer Grieve 25th August 2017

    I haven’t watched it much this year and I feel like I’m missing out cos everyone seems to be talking about it!

    • fayejessica 25th August 2017 — Post author

      Ah you’re not really missing out. It’s just been the ‘Sarah and Chad show’ the past few weeks haha x

  7. BlogTravelEat 25th August 2017

    An interesting post I am not into Big Brother seems so same old

  8. Blushy Darling 25th August 2017

    I’m not really a fan of big brother but I like the way you wrote this post! Really detailed! Love, Mimi x

  9. Amy 25th August 2017

    I never have got into Big Brother, so this was interesting to read! Xx


  10. Shevoneese 26th August 2017

    I havent watched this year but Ive seen the tweets that its not as good this year.

  11. csmith137 27th August 2017

    I actually haven’t watched Big Brother since Nikki Grahame was on it back in 2006! I’ve caught glimpses of it though and it was interesting reading your take on the people in it at the moment!

    Carrie x

  12. Hannah Shaw 27th August 2017

    Damn I wish I’d watched it now….

  13. Ashley Elizabeth Idle 28th August 2017

    Very informative. I don’t watch big brother so I don’t necessarily know what’s going on, but you brought out the human in this post, making them seem less 2-dimensional

    Good post.

    Ash – http://www.caviartastebolognabudget.com

  14. Planet Vikki 29th August 2017

    I didn’t watch this one this year but all I seemed to see online was stuff about Sarah and Chad so in a way I am glad I didn’t watch it. Loved this post though as it does show sometimes they can change your opinion about them 🙂

    Vikki | planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

    • fayejessica 29th August 2017 — Post author

      Glad you enjoyed the post! Yeah you would have probably just got as annoyed as me when watching it x

  15. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 1st September 2017

    Sam and Jemma were my favourite housemates – I couldn’t STAND Sarah!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

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