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Shuffle The Music Tag

You guys know how much I love blogging about my music choices, so I was so happy to be nominated by @lynzfrazer  to do the Shuffle The Music Tag. Thanks Lynsey! Check out her original post here.

Here are the 15 songs that played on with my Spotify on shuffle…

As you can see, I have a wide variety of taste in music. I think my shuffle has been pushing me to listen to a lot of Little Mix since I’m seeing them in Newcastle next month. I don’t think I could listen to all of these without skipping though because they all have such different moods.

Now, the 7 lovely people I would like to nominate to do this tag are…

@JoyfulTypist  (joyfultypist.wordpress.com)

@LouLouMusicBlog  (louloumusicblog.wordpress.com)

@classicalexb  (classicalexburns.wordpress.com)

@laurajanesblog ‏ (laurajanerogers.wordpress.com)

@EDurrant_Rance  (emmadurrantblog.wordpress.com)

@Izabelle_alice  (belleblogs96.wixsite.com/belleblogs)

@stephwants  (stephwants.com)

Please link me to your posts! I love to read them.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the songs.

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  1. TheSportyPig 15th September 2017

    Some absolute tunes in here. Well done and well written! 👍

  2. Hannah Shaw 16th September 2017

    Some great songs on this list!!

  3. sophielouise14 17th September 2017

    Ahhhh love these songs – especially Take Me To Church, She Will Be Loved and Power!!

  4. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 17th September 2017

    Now this is a fun change! I know the music I have on my computer is SUPER eclectic – you never even know what genre you might get! Hahaha – You’ve got some great songs here!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  5. terriheckley 18th September 2017

    Such a great selection of songs!

  6. Planet Vikki 26th September 2017

    Some awesome songs on there!!

    Vikki | planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

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