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Dizzee Rascal | Live

On the 5th of October, I saw Dizzee Rascal live at the O2 Academy in Newcastle.

The O2 Academy is a fairly small venue, so I was happy that I got standing tickets because I was able to be close enough to see the stage. Being 5ft 4 and having particularly tall lads standing in front of me restricted my view slightly. But, I suppose being in the standing area is all part of the experience.

Before going to see Dizzee, I knew the standing area was going to be crazy because of his genre of music. I prepared myself in flat, black trainers so that I’d survive if my feet got stood on.​

Dizzee’s support act was the singer/rapper Donaeo. I hadn’t heard of him before but when he sang his song ‘Party Hard,’ I recognised it straight away. I really enjoyed his set because he got the crowd going. He also started a huge mosh pit which I got caught up in. My friend had to grab my arm and pull me out before I got lost in the crowd.

When Dizzee came on I moved further back from the stage for multiple reasons.

  1. Someone was smoking weed by the stage and it stunk.
  2. People were starting to throw drinks and I was getting very sticky.
  3. I couldn’t handle anymore mosh pits

Standing further back helped a little bit. But a girl that I met kept grabbing my hand when the pit of people got too wild, to stop me from getting lost. It was one of the craziest crowds I’d been in.

​Overall, I really enjoyed the night. He sang plenty of songs from his Album Raskit, which I’ve been loving this year. But, also included some old tunes in his set such as Fix Up Look Sharp and Jus’ A Rascal. Nearing the end of the night, he sang Bassline Junkie and Dance Wiv Me and I’m not afraid to say I rocked some pretty questionable dance-moves. His encore song was, of course, Holiday. After this, I couldn’t wait to leave and get some fresh air.

I would definitely go to see him again, but in a similar sized venue. I think at an arena, the atmosphere wouldn’t be as good.

I don’t have too long to wait until my next concert. I’m seeing Little Mix in Newcastle this month. Somehow, I think the crowd will be more tame there.


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  1. Planet Vikki 13th October 2017

    I used to love listening to Dizzee Rascal, glad you had an amazing time!! That’s really awesome to that a girl helped you when it got crazy!!

    Vikki | planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

  2. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 13th October 2017

    I love when an open act is able to do exactly what an opening act SHOULD do – get the audience all ramped up and excited for the main act to come on!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  3. terriheckley 17th October 2017

    I’m glad you had fun! Jealous that you’re going to see Little Mix, they put on a fab show x

    • fayejessica 17th October 2017 — Post author

      Thank you! Ah can’t wait to write my post about Little Mix x

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