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The Bake Off Final: I React

I have loved The Great British Bake Off for years! I’m a useless baker but I just really enjoy watching it.

Of course, this year has been different. Without Mel, Sue or Mary it’s been very strange. However, I do think Channel 4 have done well at keeping most other things the same and I do love Noel even though he is a very random choice for the show.

I heard Prue tweeted who the winner was already. So I’ve made sure to avoid that all day, so I have no idea who wins.

I always choose MY winner way before the final. This year, I fell in love with Liam and alongside the majority of Britain, I was gutted when he left the tent.

I am writing this post before the final airs and will continue to write it while I watch the final so I can give a kind of running commentary of my thoughts throughout. But, out of the 3 left in the final, I’d love for Kate to win because she seems to be the most down to earth and although she is very clumsy she has made some spectacular bakes and I think she is the most deserving. Fingers crossed, she wins!

  • I’ve just switched over to Bake Off and forgot to say… I have a soft spot for Flo too and I was sad when she left.
  • The first challenge is loaves, just as Sophie was saying how much she dislikes making bread. Uh oh.
  • Sophie has definitely made this bread task to difficult for herself.
  • I love in the final, when families and friends talk about how proud they are of the bakers. Cute!
  • Kate looks so much like her mum and auntie!
  • “I can’t go to Tesco’s in my pyjamas anymore” may be my favourite quote from Sophie.
  • Kate cramming her loaves onto one tray is stressing me out.
  • Kate’s bread is 100% the best and I’m so happy.
  • Who knew drawing ovals could be so difficult?
  • “It’s all about the bake.”
  • The way Kate says bickies is great.
  • Sophie’s speed-piping is impressive.
  • Kate didn’t finish!!! Oh no!
  • Making these cakes looks like some sort of engineering. This is the real technical challenge.
  • Liam is here! I’m so happy
  • Sophie’s cake is beautiful.
  • Kate’s cake is very unique. I love it.
  • AWWW Sophie has won! I’m so happy for her. It’s definitely well deserved, she did so well in the final.


Who did you guys want to win Bake Off this year?


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  1. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 2nd November 2017

    I’ve never watched it but I keep seeing it come up on Twitter hahaha
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  2. Hannah Shaw 2nd November 2017

    I bloody love this post!!!! It seems so fun too I might have to do a live reaction to something!!! Maybe I’m a celeb ooo

    I boycotted the bake off this year… I just couldn’t cope without Mel, Sue and Mary💔 kinda gutted now though

    • fayejessica 2nd November 2017 — Post author

      I’m so glad you love it! Just a different take on blog posts, I really enjoyed writing it. Oh my gosh, please do! I’d love to read that. Ah I don’t blame you for that really 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Planet Vikki 13th November 2017

    I have never actually watched it and as I love baking myself, I don’t know why I’ve never watched it!

    Vikki | planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

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