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My 12 Favourite Christmas Films | Blogmas Day 2

Love Actually

This is my all time favourite Christmas film. It has an incredible cast including Colin Firth, Liam Neeson Joanna Page, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley and Billy Nighy. I just love the way it follows the relationship of the characters around Christmas time and how all of the characters link together.

Home Alone

This barely even needs explaining. This is a classic christmas film and I watched it so many times throughout my childhood.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Again, I used to love this as a child because I loved the book. Jim Carrey plays the role perfectly.


This Christmas film is amazing. It’s so fun and happy and festive. I watch it at least 3 times every December. My favourite scene is where he presses all the buttons in the lift to make them light up like a Christmas tree. However, I do love screaming “SANTA!!!! OH MY GOD, I know him, I know him!”

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This film is a mixture of my two favourite things, Halloween and Christmas.

Home Alone 2

All the same reasons as Home Alone 1 except that it’s even better and it reminds me of when I went to New York. We won’t talk about how terrible Home Alone 3 was.

Edward Scissorhands

I always forget this can be classed as a Christmas film because I watch it all year round. But the whole film is based around a bedtime story about where snow comes from. How does Johnny Depp still manage to look beautiful as an outcast?

The Santa Clause

This film is so ridiculous I love it. He accidentally kills Santa so has to become Santa!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

This is a real classic that I love watching with my family.

The Chronicles Of Narnia

Can this be classed as a Christmas film? There’s a whole lot of snow so I don’t see why not. I always watch it around the Christmas period anyway. I love the first film the most when the children are young.


Gremlins tear up the town on Christmas Eve. It’s almost as mad as accidentally murdering Santa.

A Christmas Carol

I can never decide which film is my favourite. There’s too many. I didn’t particularly enjoy the 2009 remake but I do enjoy the 1984 version. I always watch the Muppet Christmas Carol and Mickey’s Christmas Carol because I’m a big kid.

Let me know what your favourite Christmas films are in the comments below.

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  1. E V I E 🎄 (@tea_and_cake_) 4th December 2017

    Love Actually and Muppet Christmas Carol are wonderful!

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