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Zumbo’s Just Desserts: I React

I’ve felt really lost lately since The Great British Bake Off finished. Like what am I supposed to do with my Tuesday nights now?

Well… when I was searching on Netflix for something to watch, I came across Zumbo’s Just Desserts. I didn’t even read the description. I just dived right in at the word desserts. Well after the first few minutes of watching, I realised it was a lot like Bake Off, just Australian and a lot more dramatic. I love it!

So, in a similar style to my last Bake Off post, I’ve decided to react to the first episode of the first season of Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

  • It’s like a very OTT Bake Off.
  • No tent though… a big building that looks like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory inside.

  • I absolutely love that they’re fan-girling over Rachel Khoo. I’ve loved her for years ever since watching The Little Paris Kitchen.

  • $100,000 WHAT?

  • I’m feeling hungry.

  • “I’m just waiting for Oompa Loompas to walk out.” SAME

  • The Zumbo test sounds stressful- I love that there’s a sort of head to head challenge before anyone leaves.

  • Gigi seems lovely and it’s good that she also knows all about baking. But.. I think it would be fun to have an Australian version of Mel and Sue, or even Noel. Am I comparing it to Bake Off too much?

  • Wendy is crazy. I love her.

  • There’s always someone who cuts themselves. Well done Irene. That would be me though, I’m so clumsy.

  • I think Brogen might be my favourite. She’s so lovely. Her desserts are so unhealthy though! So much sugar!

  • Kate seems boring.

  • Daniel has baffled me already with his scientific words.

  • Uh oh, Wendy’s dessert is far too simple. She’s having such an easy time while Irene is so stressed out. Everything is falling to bits for her, something I can relate with.

  • Peter didn’t put his oven high enough. Oh god!

  • The liquid nitrogen is so cool. The slow-mo effects definitely made it look cooler.

  • The magic has gone now Kate has started swearing.

  • Peters dessert looks a mess.

  • Brogen’s flowers look so pretty.

  • Oh my god Peter’s dessert is collapsing!!!

  • I’m so pleased for Irene, her dessert turned out great despite all the stress.

  • Oh no, Brogen’s dessert is too sweet! I’d be happy with that but clearly it’s a bad thing.

  • I feel really bad for Peter.

  • Oh my god. I can’t believe Daniel came over so confident and Zumbo really didn’t like the dessert.

  • I’m not surprised Kate won. Her dessert was definitely the best.

  • Cringing at Rachel’s “sugar coat” pun.

  • Fairly obvious that Peter was going to be in the bottom two.

  • Poor Wendy. I really didn’t think her dessert was that bad. Just simple.

  • I feel stressed for them with everyone sat watching them bake.

  • That dessert is crazy. How on earth do you even make that? It’s like a mirror.

  • At least they get to taste it. That could help.

  • Wendy is totally out of her comfort zone. Peter could win this.

  • Four hours seems like such a long time but I’m sure it’s not when you have that much to do.

  • Wendy’s making scrambled eggs. Oh dear. She’s also definitely behind.

  • Peter’s hasn’t set OH MY GOD, it’s a mess!

  • Wendy’s giving herself 2 minutes, that’s risky. Is it set?

  • Please say it’s set.

  • It’s not firm. Oh no.

  • It’s not set!

  • It’s a mess.

  • Worse than Peter’s.

  • 11/20 for Peter… I think Wendy is going home.

  • 6/20 BRUTAL. Poor Wendy.

Have you guys ever seen this show?

I’ll be sure not to google it as I don’t want to know who wins before I watch the final.

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  1. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 21st November 2017

    I’ve never seen the Bake Off that everyone is talking about, but I think I would enjoy it so I should check it out!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  2. Hannah Shaw 1st December 2017

    Brb, going to binge watch this right now

  3. Planet Vikki 2nd December 2017

    I love reading these posts! I’m definitely going to have to look for this on Netflix and watch it, it sounds amazing!!

    Vikki | planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

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