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My 12 Favourite Christmas Youtube Videos | Blogmas Day 5

I’m obsessed with Youtube. I watch it while getting ready, when I’m bored and just before bed. I have so many favourite Youtubers that I’m subscribed to including Zoella, Roxxsaurus, Sophdoesnails, ThatcherJoe, TGFbro, Shane, Gabriella, JennaMarbles and Michelle Platti. I’m subscribed to so many different people so that I can watch Youtube no matter what mood I’m in.

I particularly love Youtube over the Christmas period because I love watching people’s vlogmas’s. I could write a whole different blog post on that. But, I’ve decided to list my all time favourite Christmas Youtube videos that I watch every Christmas- the ones that get me in a festive mood and make me happy.

So here they are (I apologise in advance that a lot of them involve Zoella):

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  1. Sophie 6th December 2017

    AHHH LOVE BLOG/VLOGMAS! Gets me more in the spirit. Kendall Rae is my favourite at the moment

  2. Planet Vikki 9th December 2017

    I always find videos with Zoe in always make me feel really festive!! Her vlogmas’s are always my favourite to watch!

    Vikki | planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

  3. Styled by Eva 9th December 2017

    Zoe is the Queen of Christmas to be fair so it would be strange if your list wasn’t full of her stuff hahaa! But I totally agree with the videos you’ve picked! Especially the one of Zoella and the Sacconejolys. I think I’ve already watched that about 4 times this year… I know it’s excessive but it makes me laugh so much!!
    Eva xx

  4. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 10th December 2017

    I never really got too into the whole YouTube thing before just recently, so I hadn’t see most of these! Thanks for sharing!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

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