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Cinderella at Billingham Forum Theatre | A panto review

As this is my first blog post since completing Blogmas, Happy New Year! I hope you all got everything you wanted for Christmas and had a lovely festive period.

Well, I’m not escaping the festivities just yet on my blog as I wanted to tell you all about the pantomime I saw this year.

I’ve been to see a panto every Christmas for as long as I can remember. I just love how happy they make you feel and this year the panto was a nice escape from the revising and assignment writing.

I hadn’t really read anything about the panto before going apart from that it was Cinderella. My favourite is Alladin but Cinderella is up there with pantos I like watching, so I was happy with that. When I got there, I saw the poster for the show and noticed that Ben-Ryan Davies was playing Prince Charming. This excited me so much because I used to love him on Waterloo Road and he was fabulous on Hollyoaks when I used to watch that. I was so excited I tweeted about it afterward, and like a school-girl, I got far too excited when he liked my two tweets.

As expected, he was amazing and so was Lola Saunders who played Cinderella. I had seen her in a panto a year before where she played Jill in Jack and the Beanstalk. I think I like her so much in shows because she’s a good singer. There’s nothing worse than watching a panto (which is technically a musical) where the actors and actresses can’t sing.

The comedy was hilarious from the ugly sisters who were terribly northern and Barnaby who played Buttons. The fact people kept messing up just made it even more hilarious. Watching people have fun makes the whole thing more fun for the audience. Paul Burnham who played the Baroness was a particularly amazing and over-dramatic actor and he put his all into his character. They even had a magician playing Cinderella’s father so there was a bit of entertainment for everyone.

Billingham never fails with its pantos and this year was nothing different.

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  1. Mel 5th January 2018

    This looks so good. Love pantos at this time of year more than ever.


  2. Hannah Shaw 5th January 2018

    Aww I love the panto and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I went to one this year with my boyfriends family but it was on a much smaller scale to what I’m used too and I found it so strange having a female playing the prince in sleeping beauty….

    • fayejessica 5th January 2018 — Post author

      Wow really!? That’s such a unique twist considering he gender roles are normally swapped for the dame or the “baddies”

  3. sophietrafotoz 17th January 2018

    I feel weird for saying this but I have never been to a panto other than when I was very young with a group of my mum’s friends and her kids – so I don’t really remember it – which shows would you recommend? this one looks amazing and I love it when they notice you and what you think about the show x

    Sophie – http://www.trafotoz.com

    • fayejessica 17th January 2018 — Post author

      Ah really! People say they lose their magic as you grow older but I still love them. Aladdin is one of my favourites but Snow White is always a great one too x

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