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What Would It Take To Become A Hipster?

This is a collaborative post where we discuss the stereotypes associated with being a hipster.

Some women look at hipsters and think “nope, not for me.” As well as the dark, goth-like hair, there are the matching lipsticks, the beanie hats inside, and the general attitude. Still, we shouldn’t say that we aren’t a little bit curious. Come on – it’s a totally different lifestyle.

With that in mind, below are a few thoughts on what it would take to transform into a hipster. You’re welcome to make your mind up at the end and share your own thoughts.

Mandatory Accessories

Gloss over the fact anything mandatory should be against the rules and focus on the main features. Hipsters wear things that are abstract and different, so your accessories have to follow suit. For example, your vision is perfect yet you wear reading glasses. Even better, the spectacles are just frames and don’t help you see whatsoever. Another fave is multiple piercings mixed with tattoos. The good news is that Piercing Mania can pretty much brand any part of your body, while tattooists are a dime a dozen. The perfect piercing/tattoo combination would be anything that has no meaning or a demented clown. Both are good choices!

Charity Shop Gems

Standing out from the crowd doesn’t allow any hipster the privilege of checking out the likes of Topshop fashions. Philip Green is the enemy in this case. Shops he doesn’t own include Oxfam and any charity on off the high street or online. Yep, eBay counts. Sure, the clothes might not always be stylish to the majority, but you are in the minority now. As a rule, anything that is clean, free of holes and cheap is a diamond in the rough. Some hipsters like to peruse vintage shops, too, which is another option. Be warned that they can be pricier charities.

Listen To Weird Music

Camila Cabello is a big hit at the moment. But to you, the pop stars of yesteryear are well off limits and your tastes in music have to change dramatically. Start by shunning everything you like that sounds generic and find bands that use obscure instruments. You know? Like the ones that play with spoons and bin lids. If Stomp isn’t your thing, opt for a musician that isn’t playing for the man. Daft Punk went into obscurity for years so they may be the perfect partner.

Deny Your Hipster Roots

Last but not least, a true hipster has to deny with a passion that they are part of the cause. You see, accepting that you are different on purpose is against the rules. Rather, you have to remain stubbornly uncompromising in society. Think of it like the cult movie, Fight Club. The first rule of being a hipster is to deny that hipsterism exists. 

Do you think you could transform into these stereotypes? Let me know your thoughts on this subculture and its typical fashions in the comments below.

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  1. hebahpervaiz 15th February 2018

    I actually do love charity shops!! This was really interesting to read!


    • fayejessica 15th February 2018 — Post author

      Me too, you can find some really unique clothes in there! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. Madiha 17th February 2018

    Charity shops are great! I love finding gems on the odd occasion xx

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