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A day out in Hadleigh

I’m devastated to say my boyfriend is going abroad with work and we will be apart for a good few months. It will be amazing for him, but selfishly I kind of don’t want him to go.

As one of our last days together, we spent some alone time in Hadleigh. I’ve just bought myself a new DSLR camera so it was a perfect opportunity to capture some nice photography. Check some of it out below…

We visited Hadleigh castle, a ruined castle owned by English Heritage. It was so beautiful and perfect for some lovely photography. Being northern, we joke that I’m only used to rubbish weather but this day out proved that statement to be true. We enjoyed t-shirt weather and I found myself getting too hot.

We had a lovely little picnic while sitting on the walls then headed off to The Salvation Army Hadleigh Farm. I’m a huge lover of all sorts of animals but I fell in love with the little lambs there. I got a bit emotional for whatever reason and Liam found that funny. There was also chickens, pigs, piglets, rabbits, and goats to name a few animals but my favourite had to be the pony and donkey that were in a field together. The donkey was called Dylan and we spent some time calling his name hoping that he would come over. Liam eventually lured him over with a clump of grass which Dylan ate out of his hand. Unfortunately, the pony wasn’t so tempted. I got some lovely pictures of those animals then we went for another wander. A lot of the families followed in Liam’s footsteps and used the grass to get Dylan over to the fence. Before we left, we returned to say bye to Dylan and then the pony came to the fence too and I fed her some grass. I’ve never been so excited!

It was a truly lovely day and something I will cherish and remember while Liam is away. I’ve never been as thankful for my blogging as I am at the moment because at least Liam will be able to read my posts when he can and know how I’m doing.

It was very difficult saying our goodbyes. Does anyone have any advice on how I can keep myself in a positive mind?

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  1. Liam 13th April 2018

    It was a lovely day and I’m gonna miss you princess x

  2. aliceroseglow 14th April 2018

    The pictures are so cute! I love visiting farms like this – especially at this time of year when there is the young animals. My advice for when your boyfriend goes away is to keep yourself really busy! I spend a lot of my time alone while my boyfriend is at work and I find the best remedy is to get lots of plans with other people or on my own – it will make it fly by x

    Great post 🙂
    Alice // The Rose Glow

    • fayejessica 14th April 2018 — Post author

      Yes, spring is the best time to go for sure! I’m definitely going to keep myself busy and have a packed calendar. Thank you for your advice x

  3. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 14th April 2018

    That castle is the perfect place for a photo shoot! Love it!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  4. Faye 14th April 2018

    Aw that looks like such a lovely day out. Absolutely love your photographs as well! Xx

  5. radianthomesco 14th April 2018

    Great pictures! Sounds like such a fun adventure!!

  6. Kat (@femenish) 14th April 2018

    It looks, and sounds, like you had a really lovely day.

  7. Hannah 14th April 2018

    Awww this looks like such a nice place to visit!!!
    I know exactly how you’re feeling with Liam going away, with stephen being in the army also I’ve had my share of distance 💔
    All I can suggest is keep busy, see friends when you can but what I do is keep my phone on me constantly, the second I get that text off him I reply in an instant, you never know how long he will have to talk for at that moment so the quicker you reply, the more you can speak!!!

    If you need anyone to talk to about him being away, or take your mind off it you can message me anytime 😘♥️ Us army wives gotta stick together 😉😂

    Hann xx


    • fayejessica 14th April 2018 — Post author

      Yeah I can imagine. That’s true, I’ll always keep my phone close and my Fitbit vibrates for calls and texts so I’ll never miss a message unless I’m at work. Thank you that means so much ❤️❤️ Hahaha trust I’m a real army wife now, he cut a lock of my hair and put it in a bag and he’s keeping it in his wallet. How old school is that?

      Thank you 💕xx

  8. Nele 14th April 2018

    Looks like you had a lovely time, such cute photos!

  9. Alexis 15th April 2018

    So precious!! Very beautiful pictures & I love the cute pigs! My bf and I are long-distance (FL & Seattle), so I totally know how you feel! Also sucks when they’re having fun on vacation without you (I’m actually doing this to my bf right now lol)

    • fayejessica 15th April 2018 — Post author

      The pigs were so cute! Ah 🙁 good to know I’m not the only one going through this though

  10. Charlie Severn 16th April 2018

    Your photography is fab!, When I was long distance with my boyfriend I found it quite tough, calling him and sending him letters, cards etc helped a lot, always here xxx

    • fayejessica 17th April 2018 — Post author

      Thank you!! Yeah calls and letters definitely do help, thanks so much Charlie xxx

  11. honestlyholly23 19th April 2018

    You guys look so cute, like you had the best day ever!

  12. Ashley Idle 21st April 2018

    I did long distance with my husband for 1.5 years. It isn’t easy, but remember it is a temporary thing. My biggest advice is to talk. Set up Skype dates and keep them. Text often.

    Most of all, though, take this time to do things for you as well. See your friends, go on adventures. Have fun! Busy is the best distraction.

    You two love each other. You can do it.



  13. Planet Vikki 23rd April 2018

    Those photo’s look amazing!! Looks like you had a fab time. I definitely agree with a lot of the tips above like setting up skype calls, making plans etc. It’s great that in between he can read your blog to so you know he will see what you’re up to!

    Vikki | http://planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

    • fayejessica 23rd April 2018 — Post author

      Thank you!! Yes calls have definitely helped and I’ve been very busy lately so that’s good 🙂

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