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Guest Post: Fashion Capitals’ Spring Style Vibes

Welcome to a guest post by Claire Hastings, an Australian based aesthetic addict. Claire is “a designer and style writer with a passion for everything beautiful.”

Flaunter .com

The fashion universe is comprised of many people, but the three groups we tend to pay most attention to are designers, fashion models and fashion bloggers/influencers. Now, there are times when we tend to turn to models for fashion inspiration; however, other times, their looks are not as relatable as those worn by fashion bloggers. After all, they have become our main source of inspiration, because they are ‘real people’ so we tend to feel that what they pull off, we can too. To that end, we have dug out some of the finest, slightly edgy (gotta keep things interesting) street style looks captured in fashion capitals during the fashion event of the season.

Channeling Chanel

Chanel presented us with PVC boots, hats and even clear totes, which was a bit out there and not something you would see and say, ‘oh, I’m going to invest in clear plastic boots’. However, an interesting interpretation was spotted on the streets of New York – clear plastic trenches, which make a bit more sense as they will keep you dry. The other alluring element was the color – orange, which given the right hue can make everything look more chic and more expensive, and if you want to emphasize the jacket, pair it with an umbrella and shoes in the same hue. Striking, yet wearable.

Going all out

When asked which trend she hopes doesn’t come back, Donatella Versace simply said ‘minimalism’. It seems that the women of Milan took the hint and went full maximalist mode, mixing prints like there’s no tomorrow. The splash of color in the form of Paisley Print Flared Pants by Emilio Pucci paired with checkered blouses in contrasting hues and even fur coats with logos splashed across the back. The one thing we can say about Milan is that it definitely isn’t afraid of color, and lots of it, so if fashionistas can do it, so can you.

Florals, for spring

Med Badr Chemmaoui

Forget all about the frilly gentle floral dresses, throw caution to the wind because florals are virtually everywhere – sometimes multitudes in a single ensemble. Murky floral coats worn on top of floral dresses, floral head bands – when Miranda Priestley made the snarky ‘groundbreaking’ remark, she definitely didn’t see this coming. Florals on top of florals is a bold move, certainly, but if you love your patterns and you don’t want to make compromises, you have the street style stamp of approval to carry with your floral explosion experiment.   

Once a rebel, always a rebel

London is known for dressing outside the box, and some of the looks might make you think they were snapped in Paris, but no, London it is. If you’re looking to ‘rebel up’ your look while keeping up with current trends, color-block sweatshirts are definitely a great place to start. Now, whether you’ll go with a longer, perhaps metallic pleated skirt or stick to this type of mini is really a judgment call, but we have to admit, the boots definitely make for an interesting touch, so we would leave them on.

Sheer nonchalance

Unsurprisingly, the streets of Paris remained effortlessly chic as always, but aside from some classic polished French looks such as this perfectly layered monochromatic cream look (white boots included),we couldn’t help but notice that elements of athleisure have crept in, which is a bit of a surprise, but hey, a Parisian’s nonchalance can make even a military puffer jacket look chic. Still, Paris hasn’t gone full athleisure mode and the people spotted are keeping things minimal by choosing inconspicuous and classic pieces to go with the more ‘loud’ ones.

It’s just getting started

Raul Varzar

We thought that people would already start to get tired of the checkered print, but apparently, it will be here for a while, not that we mind; it’s amazing, versatile, chic and chill, all the same time. Most people out there are going for a more toned-down version – a blazer with jeans or culottes, but there is nothing wrong with a full-on checkered suit. The white tee brings an air of casualness to the look, and the white boots are here, yet again, to remind us just how great they can be and how hard they’ll work to elevate our outfits.

What did you think of this post? Personally, I’ve fallen in love with Claire’s writing style.

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  1. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 14th April 2018

    Some great suggestions on here – I have been dying to get myself a nice pair of white boots!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  2. Hannah 14th April 2018

    I am so rubbish with fashion so this was a new world for me to read but I really enjoyed it!!!

    I do have to say that whenever I’ve seen photos from paris or London fashion week and they have like tyres around their necks I’m just like r u ok???? I don’t really see car parts as fashion like but like I said…I’m no expert 😂

    • fayejessica 14th April 2018 — Post author

      Hahaha anything’s fashion if you can wear it I suppose, but no I wouldn’t be seen with a tyre round my neck.

  3. Charlie Severn 16th April 2018

    great post!, I totally wish I was brave enough to ‘go all out’ with my outfits!

    • fayejessica 17th April 2018 — Post author

      Me too. I’m starting to gain more confidence over time. You rock some amazing outfits.

  4. Ashley Idle 21st April 2018

    Great post! I will be checking out more blog posts, ms. Hastings! Also, thanks for the insight! I can barely dress myself, so tips like these are fantastic!


  5. Planet Vikki 23rd April 2018

    These are great fashion tips!! I kind of wish my town was a bit more fashion-y as I always seem to see a lot of tracksuits!

    Vikki | http://planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

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