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Meeting a Blogger Friend For The First Time

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to have more online friends than friends in real life. I love all of the friends I’ve made online since beginning my blogging journey whether I’ve met them in real life or not.

I met Laura from Inklings of an Introvert way back in August of 2017. When I say met, we found eachother on Twitter through blogging and realised were both in the North East area of England. A lot of the blogging friends I’ve met since are from all over England and overseas so I knew I had more of a chance of meeting Laura than anyone else.

Ever since first discussing our plans with our blogs and more about ourselves, we’ve supported each other in all of our journeys. Laura has been particularly supportive lately of my new venture onto YouTube. I’m so grateful for her.

So, we’ve been planning to meet for a long while but it always seemed that we were both busy at the wrong times. However, recently we finally found a day where we were both free to meet. Unfortunately, it was on a day where the weather wasn’t on our side. But that didn’t stop us. I packed an umbrella and hopped on the train to Middlesbrough to finally meet Laura in person for the first time.

Laura was so welcoming when she met me off the train at the station. I’m always a little nervous when meeting people from online about how they’re going to act and whether it’s going to be awkward to begin with. But, it wasn’t. She was just as friendly as she has came across to me for the past year and so I felt comfortable instantly.

We were going to go to a tea room which Laura recommended but it was so popular that it was packed so we opted for good old Starbucks. I recommended the Pumpkin Spice Latté which Laura got and I decided to try out the Maple Latté for the first time. A s’mores muffin also caught me eye so we got one each.

I 100% recommend the s’mores muffin. I was a little concerned that it might have been a bit bland but the centre had an oozing chocolate filling so it was actually really nice. I also really liked the Maple Latté, it was definitely for those with a sweet tooth but still tasted very autumnal. Pumpkin Spice will still always be my fave though. Laura opted to get a limited edition version of the Pumpkin Spice Latté and it looked like a dessert to me. Whatever was on the top looked crazy. It was a funky coloured cream. Anyway I don’t think Laura was a huge fan of the limited edition version but hopefully that hasn’t put her off Pumpkin Spice.

We ended up sitting and talking in Starbucks for hours from Netflix and tattoos to blogging, uni and personal life. It’s so great when you feel comfortable enough to be able to talk about literally anything.

Laura commented on my eye makeup and I said I was wearing Revolution X Soph’s Extra Spice and it’s only £10. I ended up being a bad influence in Superdrug and she bought the palette which she now really likes! She also told me that the concealer she uses it only £1 which I just couldn’t believe. Anyway, I ended up buying that and I’ve been loving it ever since.

We also popped into TK Maxx where I found Pumpkin Spice coffee which of course I just had to buy! I’ve been drinking it all week and it’s definitely worth the £4 I spent. We also rummaged through the beauty section and we found a Too Faced Melted Latex liquid lipstick in the most gorgeous autumnal shade for only £5.99. An absolute steal! How could I not buy it? Laura bought some different autumnal coffee and a super cute pumpkin mug! I want to go back to TK Maxx already.

So Laura waited with me until my train came and we overall had a really great day out and somehow managed to avoid the rain. Next time we’ll definitely meet up on a nicer day and I think Saltburn maybe on the cards.

I honestly couldn’t have had a better time and I’m so happy I finally got to meet Laura. Now I urge you all to go and read her blog!

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  1. Styled by Eva 28th September 2018

    Ugh Faye this post makes me so happy! Also cannot believe how early I am 😂 It was so lovely to read about you two having an awesome meet up! That Pumpkin Spice does look a mad colour, I’ve never drank it in a real mug (just a travel one with the lid) so never actually seen the colour before! Although, I think maple sounds a bit too sweet for me. Again, so lovely that you guys had such a great time and got on in real life too! Big love xox

  2. sarahtrademark 28th September 2018

    I would love to make blogger friends online and then meet them 🙂

  3. Britt | Alternatively Speaking 29th September 2018

    First, ya that’s exciting to get to meet a blogger friend in person! I really hope to get to meet all of my great blogging friends some day… Secondly, the smores muffin looks AMAZING!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  4. vibeslifeus 1st October 2018

    This is fab!! It’s so good to meet the people who you have chatting with and following on social media. I’m hoping to meet up with an Insta pal soon.

    Keeley – http://www.vibeslifeus.com

  5. Planet Vikki 1st October 2018

    It sounds like you both had an amazing day!! It’s so great that meeting in real life didn’t change from being online, as yeah you can never be sure until you actually meet!!

    Vikki | http://planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

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