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Spain | I experienced a hidden treasure


For the past three years, I’d been watching everyone else travel and enjoy beach holidays while I sat at home. Well, this year I decided to change that. I booked a seven day trip to Fuengirola, Spain.

I stayed at the Globales Gardenia, a three star hotel almost directly on the beach- perfect for me. But, the holiday didn’t exactly get off to the best of starts. When I arrived, I was told the room I booked had been taken and we couldn’t be offered another room with a balcony (that ruined all the typical “going out” pictures that every girl must post on Instagram). We also had to wait for a new room for over an hour in our travelling clothes, in 30 degree heat watching everyone else sunbathing and swimming. I won’t lie, I was furious. However, it worked out pretty well because we were offered an upgrade from half board to all inclusive as a sort of apology. Free food and drinks? I’m in!

So, the first few days involved a lot of cocktails, sunbathing, swimming and eating. But, that’s really not the kind of traveller I am. I love to get out and discover new things, so I decided to book some excursions. I decided on a day trip to Gibraltar (if you haven’t read my blog post on that- check it out here) and a day trip to Caminito Del Rey.

I travelled to Caminito Del Rey on the final day of my holiday, the day after my Gibraltar (probably not the best idea because I was exhausted when travelling home). It’s a walkway along a bridge which is built high up, on the edge of a gorge with a lake beneath. A great hiking visit for those who aren’t scared of heights. I’m not, but I have to say, I did get nervous at times when I was walking up steps very close to the edge and across the bridge when it got particularly windy. I was too scared to get my phone out incase it fell through the gaps and I still felt risky using my Nikon camera because I’m just so clumsy.

Of course you had to wear a helmet which added a bit of security but I can’t say it did anything for my ‘look’ and in 33 degree heat, I ended up with tremendous “helmet hair” after the 2 hour hike. It was a laughable sight.

Anyway, I’ll stop moaning. Honestly, I would describe this place as the most prepossessing hidden treasure I have ever witnessed. The scenes were so picturesque, at times I was looking at the lake and I thought it didn’t look real. It looked as if a painting was just hanging there because there was no imperfections. I stopped caring about the sweat dripping from me and how high up I was because this place was just so beautiful. I was constantly stopping to take more pictures.

I really never wanted to leave.


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  1. caityloux 2nd August 2017

    I haven’t been on holiday in 7 years and this post really badly makes me want to go! Sounds like you had an amazing time, the pictures are stunning!


    • fayejessica 2nd August 2017

      Really? Well I would totally recommend you go to Spain, it was incredible. I hope you manage to get a break away soon. In the meantime, keep writing. Your blog is lush. Thank you so much!

  2. caraemily1 2nd August 2017

    So glad you enjoyed it x. Sounds like you had a great time.

  3. emzynelson 3rd August 2017

    Awesome photos! I love Spain. One of the most beautiful places i’ve ever been x

  4. altspeaking 4th August 2017

    Your pictures are so beautiful! It makes me really want to go!!!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

  5. Sophie 4th August 2017

    You look lovely and your pictures are so good! Just come back from a holiday and went through Spain – bring back memories! Love it x

  6. Jennifer (@jenngrieve_) 4th August 2017

    looks amazing – makes me want to go on holiday soooo badly! really want to get away from the rubbish English weather atm haha!

    – jenngrieve.wixsite.com/jenngrieve xx

  7. jennyinneverland 12th August 2017

    This looks stunning! What a beautiful view. Such a shame your holiday got off to a bit of a rocky start but it turned out lovely in the end!

    • fayejessica 12th August 2017 — Post author

      It was honestly such a beautiful place! Ah thank you โ˜บ๏ธ

  8. Everydaylifegirl 28th August 2017

    Oh I can relate where you mention watching others travel while I’m the one left at home ๐Ÿ˜› These pictures are really great! I would have been really glad to get the free food and drinks to be honest ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Corinne and Kirsty 16th January 2018

    The only piece of spain i have seen is gran canaria. Sounds like you had such an amazing trip ! the pictures are beautiful! xx corinne

    • fayejessica 16th January 2018 — Post author

      Ah itโ€™s lovely there too! Thank you, it was truly amazing xx

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