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Celebrity Big Brother | My first Impressions

After Love Island and Big Brother recently ended I found myself lost. I had nothing to gossip about on a night anymore! So, when Celebrity Big Brother launched, I was thrilled to finally have something to sit down and watch at 9pm again.

Every time I watch Big Brother I find that my first impressions and predictions of the housemates always change throughout the series. So, I thought it would be fun to write a first impressions blog post followed by two more posts throughout the series to see how my opinions change.

So here goes…

Shaun Williamson (Barry):

I feel bad that he was given a task on the first night and he was put under pressure to give a killer nomination alone. He is clearly a nice person but I think everyone already knew that.

Marissa Jade:

After Shaun nominated her, she said “I understand, it’s just a game” rather than overreacting; She seems like a nice person. Due to her background, I don’t think she’ll be afraid to get involved in any arguments.

Karthik Nagesan:

He’s very loud and got involved in the killer nomination when it wasn’t really his place to. I feel as though he’s going to be annoying to live with- good entertainment though.

Amelia Lily:

She’s from where I am originally from (Teesside) so I automatically like her, haha. She doesn’t have a big personality like everyone else though.

Sandi Bogle:

She was hilarious on Gogglebox, so I think I’ll like her on Big Brother. Her laugh could get annoying.

Sarah Harding:

She’s had deep conversations already (especially with Paul and Marissa) and she seems to be very genuine. She’ll probably go far because she has a big fanbase.

Paul Danan:

He seemed to get around on the first night and speak to everyone without leaving anyone out so that’s good. I think he’ll be good entertainment because he’s got a fun personality but he’s likely to get annoying. I laughed hard when he set off the alarm by accident.

Chad Johnson:

Boring. Let’s face it, we watch it for the fun and drama. So, I don’t think he’ll stay in long unless he starts a showmance- which is likely.

Jordan Davies:

He’ll bring the drama as always and probably start a showmance. He’s already starting chatting up Marissa, of course!

Trisha Paytas:

I hadn’t heard of her before she came on CBB. Her voice is pretty annoying but I’m sure she’ll bring the entertainment from what I’ve heard about her. Shane Dawson tweeted about her and I love Shane so I’m sure I’ll love her.

Jemma Lucy:

She’ll definitely bring the drama, from what I saw of her on Ex On The Beach. Especially when they’ve had a drink.

Sam Thompson:

I liked him on Made in Chelsea but I haven’t watched that for years! I think he’ll be a good laugh.

Helen Lederer:

Likely to be the mum of the house but she’s so funny and crazy, I think people are going to like her.

Derek Acorah:

I didn’t really like his VT; I think he’ll be quite boring. But, he does seem like a gentleman for saving Sandi’s bed for her. His ghost stories could be pretty fun.

Brandi Glanville:

Jordan described her as a mother figure which I think could be accurate. Also I feel like the way she described Chad as a “boy-man” is accurate. I like the way she is looking at things.

Let’s see how these thoughts have changed in a few weeks time. Let me know your opinions too, I’d love to hear them!

Side note- Does anyone else think it’s unfair how Jordan and Jemma are getting paid to be on CBB but Chanelle and Ellie (housemates in Big Brother) didn’t? In my eyes, they’re all as famous as each other because Chanelle found fame on Ex On The Beach and Ellie was on Ibiza Weekender with Jordan.

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  1. altspeaking 4th August 2017

    I had never heard of Love Island until it blew up on my Twitter, so I discovered somewhere online to go watch old episodes and got caught up – now I feel lost that it’s over hahaha! I might have to check this one out!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

    • fayejessica 4th August 2017

      Ah I’ve loved Love Island since it started, it’s great that you’ve managed to caught up! You should definitely try to start watching this, or even binge watch the non-celebrity series that’s ended now?

      • altspeaking 4th August 2017

        It’s not a show you see over here in Canada so its not like I would happen across it on TV lol Only because I have so many of you on my Twitter haha

  2. sophielouise14 14th August 2017

    Just seen this post – you’re spot on with Karthik and Chad. I knew Trisha from Shane’s channel and I liked her but now she has quit and moaned on YouTube, I am not too sure what to think of her. Mixed emotions as on one hand she is annoying and added nothing to the house but at the same time, I feel as if she could just be very sensitive and shy and feel like she doesn’t fit in.

    I am hoping better challenges/team work comes up, CBB has been a bit dull so far.

    Sophie x

    • fayejessica 14th August 2017 — Post author

      So true! I have way different opinions on particular housemates now that I’ll discuss in the next post but you’re so right about Trisha, I’d say both of those are true. I wish she hadn’t left though.

      Yes me too! It feels more like a dating show than anything else haha. I much preferred the normal BB this year in comparison x

  3. Hannah Shaw 27th August 2017

    I really couldn’t get into CBB this year, I think it’s because I was so emotionally connected to Love Island though!! There’s still a piece of me missing since it ended!

    • fayejessica 28th August 2017 — Post author

      Oh I understand!! I miss Love Island so much, can’t wait for the winter version!

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