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A 2nd year taking on Freshers Week

This time last year, I was a fresher just starting university. Now a year later, I’ve learned and am continuing to learn a lot about Fashion Journalism and myself.

Last years Freshers Week was memorable. I made amazing friends but everything was so scary and new. I was very nervous! So I decided that this year, I would do Freshers Week all over again to see if it was any better.

I payed £30 for a wristband which gave me free entry into all of the events.

The first night was a set with Fatman Scoop at Port of Call. We waited a while for him to come out and when he did, I was kind of disappointed. The music wasn’t that good and I don’t know whether I was just tired from moving into my new house and the lack of sleep but I just didn’t really enjoy the night.

The next night was the foam party at Independent. Last year’s foam party gave me a rash because I was allergic to something in the foam, so I was adamant that I wouldn’t get as messy as last year but still have a good time. I did exactly that. I did thoroughly enjoy the night and didn’t get too messy. I put my hair in plaits so that it was easier to tackle when I got home and did the same with my friend’s hair. I’m starting to gain the title of ‘plait queen’ because I have a talent for doing plaits that stay in all night.

The next night out was Basshunter at The Point. I was SO excited for it. Basshunter is my actual childhood and I couldn’t wait to see him live. The place was packed. Getting to the bar was a struggle and then standing in the crowd was sweaty and messy. A lad stood next to me kept waving his arms around and spilt his drink all over me and my friend. That put me in a really bad mood. So we stood to the side away from the crowd, and once I’d danced like a fool to All I Ever Wanted, Angel In The Night and Now You’re Gone, I was happy to go home early.

I had a well deserved rest the night after, ready for the Zoo Party at Basement the next day. While getting ready for the Zoo Party, I felt weird. Sometimes, I have visions about things going wrong, then later in the day they come true. A little bit like Final Destination but I’ve never predicted deaths. Thank god! Well.. I was getting ready and I just didn’t feel right. I tried on multiple outfits and I just wasn’t feeling any of them and I was running out of time before I needed to leave the house. In the end, I opted for a black vest top, a blue metallic skirt and fishnet tights. I left the house, went to pre-drinks and walked to the bar and everything was going well. I was dancing in the bar then suddenly my friend grabbed my arm and I knew something was wrong. We rushed to the toilet. Somehow, while dancing, the zip had broke on the side of my skirt and could have easily fell down. I panicked. We tried to fix it but the pull-part of the zip had came off the other side. The only option was to go home and change outfits. So we did. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without my friend, she really is my saviour.

So we went home, I put on some suede shorts and came back out and enjoyed the rest of the night. We even found an amazing drawing of Pickle Rick on the street (Rick and Morty fans will understand) so we got a picture with it. After all of that commotion, I was hungry on the way home so we stopped off at Proper Roast for some food. If anyone is ever visiting Sunderland, I really recommend you go there!

The final night was the paint party at Independent. I didn’t go to the paint party last year so I was really looking forward to this, but the night didn’t go how I’d planned it. Everything was fine until I got to the club. I just wasn’t really feeling it and things just kept going wrong. Someone was sick and it went on me and my friends and that put me in a worse mood, so I left early and went home. I was still covered in paint though so I had to have a shower at stupid-o’clock.

It wasn’t the best end to Freshers Week but I am glad I did it again and there were some really high points.

Back to university now and lots of hard work.

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  1. Amy 27th September 2017

    I go to Sunderland too but literally worked all of Freshers, I’m gutted! Sounds like overall you had a fab time though!

  2. Hannah Shaw 1st October 2017

    I always find freshers events completely over rated and we found that if you went to the clubs that weren’t the main event on the wristband, it was a much better night!!

    Loved reading this post, good luck with uni xx

  3. Planet Vikki 3rd October 2017

    I never went to Uni so didn’t experience freshers so it all sounds like it can be quite fun nights out!! Glad you enjoyed it and good luck with Uni!!

    Vikki | http://planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

  4. Sophie 4th October 2017

    Great post xx we have freshers here but it’s not up to much so happening if I can attend one in uni, it’s a better one.

    Basshunter are AMAZING!! I’ll have their songs in my head all day now 😀

  5. Elephants Voice 4th October 2017

    This is a great read – I’m a third year so it’s relatable!

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